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The key to powerful customer relationships is knowing your customers. They are the most loyal to the brands who know them.  And when they feel seen and heard, they spend more time, and more money, investing in that brand. When you identify your customer by name, and make recommendations based on their preferences, you are letting your customers know you are paying attention. 

Amazon Personalize makes this possible. It delivers real-time personalization and recommendations based on behavior, driving tighter bonds between you and your customer. 

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Getting Personal with Amazon Personalize

Dom Profico, CTO US for Mobiquity

Our Chief Creative Officer, Mike Welsh, often repeats the need for a “fair exchange of value” of user experiences and interactions. The average user looks at their phones 150 times a day (and rising), but each of those interactions is growing shorter. Users perceive value when their technology interfaces enable them to get done what THEY need to do more efficiently. Lingering on a screen, scrolling through options...these are not things most users like. But every user is different. You can model behavior, and you can create 80/20 rules to hit a majority of users, but there is nothing like an application or an experience that just gets you. For users, feeling known is no longer a nice-to-have feature: it is an expectation.

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Mobiquity is the smart partner for Personalize.

Mobiquity is an AWS Premier Consulting Partner with deep and broad expertise with AWS technologies.  We keep you moving forward in today’s digitally advanced world, innovating powerful and effective customer experiences that leverage AWS technology and services.


  • We build digital experiences on AWS technology - the most reliable flexible platform and tools in the market
  • We demand expertise and quality from our teams - we are an AWS Premier Consulting Partner with five AWS Competency Certifications, more than any other AWS partner
  • We have deep experience across many industries, including healthcare, life sciences, financial services, insurance, quick-serve restaurants, CPG/retail, telecom and more.
  • We custom design digital experiences to fit your business model, your customer needs and your desired outcomes
  • We work across all digital channels - mobile, web, voice, conversational AI, IoT and wearables
  • We team with customers to understand your data, and apply leading AI/ML technologies such as AWS Personalize to deliver real-time results for enhanced customer experience 

From strategy and design to engineering and execution, we work with your teams to deliver omnichannel experiences that your customers love, and your business requires. We approach every engagement with the goal to delight users, drive loyalty and deliver results.

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We blend teams of consultants, analysts, designers, developers, and data scientists together to consider every dimension of a digital business.

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If you want to be successful in today's complex IT environment, and remain that way tomorrow and into the future, teaming up with an AWS Competency Partner is The Next Smart.

Collaborative Approach

We blend strategy, design and engineering teams together to consider every dimension of a digital business.


Properly governed, scalable, resilient and secure cloud architectures.


Extensive microservices architecture experience enables rapid deployment of new experiences.


Experience across all digital engagement channels, including voice, chatbot, mobile, call center, and IoT.


We align business and technology stakeholders on their goals, customer journeys and desired digital touchpoints to create an action plan.

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