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As the world of mobile applications continues to evolve, Mobiquity is at the forefront of the latest technological advancements in extended reality (XR), in particular mobile AR development. With Apple's latest AR technologies, we have a new wave of innovation to offer clients, providing a more immersive and engaging experience for mobile app users. At the heart of this innovation is Mobiquity's expertise in leveraging Apple's AR libraries, like ARCoreLocation technology. By incorporating real-world locations into their apps, we can develop more personalised and interactive experiences that seamlessly blend the virtual and real worlds. Users can explore and discover their surroundings in new and exciting ways, making the most of the capabilities of their devices.

Mobiquity utilises Apple’s state-of-the-art development tools, such as RealityKit and Reality Composer, enabling the creation of lifelike augmented reality (AR) experiences with swift time-to-market. For example, Apple’s Reality composer empowers the creation of 3D models, animations, and interactions, together with a smooth integration into applications. This streamlines the AR development process, making it accessible to a wider range of clients and enables for a faster production of engaging experiences that drive user engagement and increase retention.

Bring your ideas to life with AR

The above video showcases Mobiquity’s real-time graphics, crafted by our expert engineers, offering an immersive experience that is not pre-rendered.


How digital reality adds value to your digital offering?

In today’s digitised world, consumers and employees alike expect more than just a standard digital solution. They crave memorable, immersive experiences that combine the convenience of digital with the intangible benefits of in-person interaction. Extended reality (XR) offers a new and exciting way to connect with users and enables the creation of unique experiences that truly engage the user, helping to bridge the gap between physical and digital.

Enhance customers real world environment

Build unique immersive experiences for your customers on iOS using extended reality. AR and VR present a new and exciting way for customers to engage with a brand, product or service. By combining elements from both the customers' real world environment with the digital capabilities of XR, brands can enable customers to experience both the physical and digital world simultaneously, transforming the way customers interact, shop and connect with one another. For example, an AR solution made for AR glasses, could enable museum goers to visit their favourite art gallery and get instant detailed information on a piece of art, via visual or audio, simply by looking at an art piece.

Solve customer frictions

Digital reality can help to solve customer frictions in ways that are not possible with existing and traditional digital and physical offerings. By applying the benefits of XR to everyday frictions such as grocery shopping, brands can develop solutions enabling customers to experience the benefits of digital while shopping physically in a store. For example, if a customer is conscious of keeping their daily calorie intake within a certain threshold, an AR solution made for AR glasses, could enable the customer to view in real time the impact a certain food item would have on their calorie intake, simply by looking at the item. In turn reducing the time and inconvenience of searching online or manually calculating calories, making for a more convenient, efficient and enjoyable shopping trip.

Create captivating experiences

Anything is possible with XR! Start developing engaging, flexible and smart solutions today. Utilising XR, brands can create new ways for people to interact with one another. For example, to create a fun way to connect busy colleagues an AR solution made for AR glasses, could enable a new way of interaction to suit everyone. By creating virtual games like chess, a company can dedicate specific locations throughout the office where colleagues can stop by at their own convenience, join in and play with other colleagues, meaning no-one misses out.


Developing an AR solution

Mobiquity has extensive experience in utilising ARKit 6, which comes with several new features that enhance the AR experience. This includes improved face and hand tracking, and location anchors, which allow developers to place AR objects in specific real-world locations, even when the user moves the device. By leveraging these advanced features, Mobiquity can create AR experiences that are more realistic and intuitive, and engage users on a more profound level.

Apple hardware innovations, such as the LiDAR scanner, enables more detailed 3D models of objects and environments. With the LiDAR scanner, Mobiquity's developers can provide clients with more precise and accurate distance measurements, resulting in more realistic and detailed AR experiences that users can truly immerse themselves within.

Mobiquity's expertise in mobile AR development, coupled with the latest advancements in Apple's AR technologies, provides an unparalleled level of creativity and innovation for our clients. By incorporating real-world locations, utilising RealityKit, and leveraging advanced features such as improved facial and hand tracking, and the LiDAR scanner, Mobiquity creates immersive AR experiences that drive user engagement and increase retention.

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