How to Create a Compelling Curbside Delivery Program

Restaurants, convenience stores, and other retailers are in a unique position to help their customers purchase food and items on-the-go in new, contactless ways. The most effective method for many of these companies is to implement or enhance their curbside pickup program.



Everything you need to know about curbside pickup

Brands looking to bolster trust with their loyal customers should consider offering effortless, touchless ways of shopping. In this eBook, we’ll walk through how to strategically approach curbside pickup and why it’s more important than ever to create an experience that is simple for your guests. (And companies with a curbside mobile app – you may also get a tip or two that you can implement!).

You’ll learn about:

  • Customer personas that benefit most from curbside
  • Common curbside myths
  • Benefits & challenges to consider
  • How to quickstart your curbside program

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