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Mobiquity Chosen as Best Tech Work Culture Finalist in Timmy Awards
Mobiquity Chosen as Best Tech Work Culture Finalist in Timmy Awards
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Tomma Albinonistraat 9 1083 HM Amsterdam
(+31) 123 456 7890

Who we are


As customer expectations change and business demands shift, you must continuously enhance your digital experience to meet these new needs. Mobiquity leverages DevOps to release software faster and more predictably to help you satisfy your users and stay ahead of the competition.


It's how we innovate

As a digital engagement innovator, we understand the importance of being first. Because after all, innovation is only innovative if it’s first to market.

By following a DevOps model, our product engineering and operations teams collaborate to achieve results for your brand. They think iteratively so that you can test and learn and take ownership to drive efficiencies through self-service - all the while ensuring the quality your users expect.


Our Practices

Our DevOps engineers follow a variety of practices to deliver scalable, reliable, high-quality releases. They identify opportunities to add value into each client's software development lifecycle while staying up-to-date on industry trends.

  • Container orchestration using Kubernetes and ECS
  • Microservices architecture and serverless
  • Automated testing, continuous integration, continuous delivery and continuous monitoring
  • Infrastructure as code
  • Configuration management



The Power Of AWS

As an APN Premier Consulting Partner, we’re “all in” on AWS for delivering digital engagement to our clients. AWS provides a suite of services for enabling DevOps practices, which seamlessly integrate into the broader solution architectures we design.

  • AWS Lambda for serverless computing
  • AWS CloudFormation for easily provisioning resources and managing infrastructure as code
  • Amazon EC2 Systems Manager for configuration management
  • Amazon ECS and EKS for docker orchestration
  • Amazon CloudWatch for monitoring
  • AWS CodeCommit for managing source code


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Our Work


We’re helping Wawa leverage the power of AWS to reduce release deployment times for its mobile ordering app and maintain its position as a beloved brand.
Mobiquity empowered AWS with a custom mobile app, leveraging 14+ AWS services to scale to and engage 40,000+ attendees of re:Invent 2017.

Let our expertise complement yours

We believe that addressing customer challenges gives you opportunities to delight. Using our proprietary Friction Reports and strong industry expertise, we dig deep into customer sentiment and create action plans that remove engagement roadblocks. The end result are seamless, relevant experiences that your customers will love.