New research reveals significant increase in digital health adoption among baby boomers

Mobiquity has been exploring digital adoption pre- and post-pandemic across industries, with a special interest in the baby boomer age group. Historically, boomers have been labeled a group that is less tech savvy than other population groups, and we wanted to know if this has since changed as a result of COVID-19.

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Boomers have adopted digital technology for their healthcare

Mobiquity’s survey found that this group has increased their use of telemedicine, virtual visits, and digital health tools. These results prove that there is a unique opportunity for healthcare providers to improve health outcomes for this patient population by leveraging digital technology.

Here’s a sneak peek of some of the results we discovered:

  • 469% increase in telemedicine utilization

  • 2x usage of curbside pickup for medication 

  • 42% using a smartwatch/wearable to monitor their health

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Download our Digital Health Among Baby Boomers infographic to learn how baby boomers have been engaging with healthcare technology.