Benchmark report for UK P&C Insurance industry

Mobiquity's Friction Report

UK Property & Casualty insurance industry is on the cusp of disruption. With decreasing margins of insurance products and high competition, the insurance providers are looking for new avenues to increase engagement with their customers.

Insurance providers cannot simply provide products and services without understanding the real needs of its customers. Technology has in great length indeed enabled insurance companies to launch products in no time, but has left the customer’s pain behind. It becomes imperative for insurance providers to loop customer feedback into the decision-making process, and understand which aspect of the app/products/features customers value the most and where do they find the most friction while interacting with the app.

Mobiquity has created Friction Reports for European Property and Casualty (P&C) insurance providers to draw insights from customer reviews, and identify the most common topics/features customers talk or complain about.

To understand the friction points of UK Property and Casualty insurance providers from the point of view of the customers, we have prepared a benchmark Friction Report by incorporating most prominent insurance companies and selective challenger insurance providers.

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