Virtual Clinical Trial Considerations

COVID-19 has disrupted the traditional clinical trial landscape by stopping or interrupting 70-80% of all trials. In this new environment, pharmaceutical and life science companies need to uncover how to best create and implement virtual clinical trials.

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Three thought leaders discuss the future of clinical trials post COVID-19

As a result of the pandemic, life science companies need to shift and adapt their approach to clinical trials. In our webinar, we’ll share how to:

  • Overcome the challenges of quickly setting-up, scaling, and accelerating the move to virtual trials 
  • Manage expectations with sponsors
  • Implement best practices and strategies for scaling up contact center management
  • Plan for global operations supporting multi-locations and languages 
  • Use Voice of the Customer (VoC) and omni-channel input to make key decisions
  • Find the balance between patient experience and operational costs

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