Back to the Basics with Insurance Mobile Apps

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Publication Date
5 June 2019

Back to the Basics with Insurance Mobile Apps

Chances are you’re overthinking your mobile app. Whether you’re launching a new mobile app or working on a refresh to your existing experience, you’ll earn higher reviews by doing a few things really well than by trying to introduce every possible feature and function. Your app rating - and your customers - will thank you for it.

You might be wondering: how important are ratings and reviews anyway?

It turns out, pretty important. Insurance companies with a 4 star rating or higher have double the users versus those with fewer than 4 stars. In fact:

  • Only 50% of users will consider downloading a 3 star insurance app...
  • But that number jumps to 96% when the app reaches 4 stars!

If you’re going to devote time and effort to having an app, it makes sense to be sure you earn a 4+ star rating.

While it may seem daunting to stand out in this space, don’t be overwhelmed. What your customers expect - and all they really want - is actually quite simple. The key to creating a successful mobile experience is all about the most frequent touch points:

1) Easy-to-use log in

The most common complaint for any mobile app is the frustration of a complicated login. In the insurance space, mobile app users rank this as the number one complaint.  Ensuring that there is a simple yet secure login process means the mobile experience is off to a frictionless, and therefore positive, start.  If your users can’t access their information on the app quickly and easily, it doesn’t matter what other functionality you might be providing - you’ll get a 1 or 2 star ranking without them ever getting past  the login screen.

2) Bill pay functionality

This feature has multiple benefits - for you as well as your customer.  Your customers will appreciate the convenience and are more likely to give your app a better rating. But more importantly, they are also more likely to pay on time. The additional benefit to your business is both the speed and cost savings of electronic payments over a standard paper check process.  This feature is a no-brainer: it fosters loyalty and goodwill from your customers and accelerates cash flow for your business.

3) Quick access to insurance cards

Whether it’s showing up at an 8am doctor appointment or getting pulled over by a patrol car for a misunderstanding of road signs, immediate access to insurance cards is a benefit that ranks in the top three for insurance app users. Convenience plays a huge role in the value mobile apps provide to customers, and this feature is a simple one to provide that reaps big points with your customers.

Undoubtedly, these features were already on your list. But don’t skim over the need for simplicity and ease in the user experience. These are the features your users interact with most regularly and the ones that will drive your reviews up or down.

Don’t despair if you had your heart set on cool photo claims capabilities or adding voice functionality -- those are great features that can and should be part of your offering. The key, however, is to focus your efforts on a solid foundation that your customers can rely on. Invest in those three key functions first, and ensure you’re delivering a frictionless experience. If you have a limited budget or limited timetable, you can add the bells and whistles that make sense for your business at a later date.

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