Mobiquity Featured in BetaNews: Tech During the Pandemic OK with Boomers

Ian Barker, BetaNews
Publication Date
18 November 2020

Mobiquity Featured in BetaNews: Tech During the Pandemic OK with Boomers

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Most of us have been turning to technology for help during the pandemic, and that's true of baby boomers according to new research from digital consultancy Mobiquity, though they may not be as keen as other groups.

According to the findings, 88 percent of baby boomers agree that technology has helped them during the COVID-19 pandemic -- only three percent lower than for younger generations. However, when asked if they feel safe and secure using new technologies, only 78 percent of baby boomers agree compared to 86 percent of non-boomers.

When it comes to whether they enjoy trying new technologies, 77 percent of boomers say they do compared to 88 percent of non-boomers.

"Baby Boomers are adopting technology more rapidly than we previously believed, but there are still variations in digital preferences that brands will need to consider as we move into the next phase of digital transformation," says Brian Levine, vice president of strategy and analytics at Mobiquity. "Considering the needs of users from all generations will be key to developing a highly effective digital solution."

However, 55 percent percent of baby boomers say they would prefer to do business in person whereas 72 percent of non-boomers prefer digital business interactions.

Biggest increases in uptake for baby boomers have come from grocery curbside pickup (431 percent), retail (410 percent) and restaurant pickup (300 percent). There's also been a 469 percent increase in the utilization of telehealth.

"88 percent of Baby Boomers agreed that they will continue to use digital technology to make daily life easier once the COVID-19 pandemic has resolved. This was only slightly less than the 90 percent of younger generations," adds Levine. "This broad adoption of technology by an older generation should prompt brands to rapidly adopt digital solutions if they haven't done so already."

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