4 steps to successful digital transformation – Step 4: Find a great partner

Andy Norman
Publication Date
24 March 2021

4 steps to successful digital transformation – Step 4: Find a great partner

Welcome to the 4 Steps to Digital Transformation blog series. In this series, I’ll uncover four key steps that every digital transformation project team needs to take in order to be successful. 

In the last step of this blog series, we’ll talk about the importance of a good digital transformation partner. The digital revolution has arrived and technology use will never return to what it was pre-pandemic. Rather, technology will be integrated into the lives of consumers for good. According to the Wall Street Journal, 10 years of consumer adoption of e-commerce was compressed into three months during the pandemic. Consumers are creatures of habit, and their habits have drastically changed (and so have their expectations). 

What qualities should I look for in a digital transformation partner?

The best digital agencies are:

  1. Customer obsessed
    Focusing on what your customers want and need is the only way to create meaningful digital products and experiences that maintain their loyalty. Take the FAANG companies, for example. FAANG refers to five prominent companies: Facebook, Amazon, Apple, Netflix, and Google. These companies all have one major commonality: they are customer-obsessed. They work to understand the user experience and then apply that knowledge to design and build solutions that intuitively solves unmet needs. While many companies say they are customer obsessed, it’s important to consider how obsessed you really are. Especially because we know that one bad experience can cost you a loyal customer and repeat business.

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  2. Strategic and focused on digital innovation
    Every great digital product or digital experience starts with a well-established strategy and plan for digital innovation. At Mobiquity, we recommend that customers start their digital strategy by establishing a North Star. This exercise guides you through the process of documenting your goals and the tactics you will take to achieve them for your ultimate success. Taking the time to align on your North Star across the organization will make the subsequent steps of building, and launching your digital product or experience much smoother since everyone will be on the same page right out of the gate. 

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  3. Secure and stable
    You’ll want to be sure that your digital partner has a  deep knowledge of and adherence to industry compliance requirements (such as HIPAA) and international privacy regulations (like GDPR). Your customers expect a digital solution that is designed well, functions in accordance with their expectations, and that is secure and stable and delivering anything less than that could compromise your customer’s privacy and safety and could be detrimental to your brand.

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  4. Technical with unmatched digital prowess
    Whether you are creating a mobile app, Alexa skill, or any other digital engagement – it’s important that the backend work is efficient, seamless, and agile so that frontend experiences are effortless. Your digital agency should be focused on being an agile partner in your greater strategy so that you can create memorable experiences for your users. They should be able to help you build, test, and run solutions in web frontend, mobile frontend, infrastructure AWS, and backend connectivity. Technical skill set is arguably one of the most important parts of finding the right partner because it can make or break your solution.

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