From a young age I’ve had a passion for all things digital

Oleksandr Loushkin
Publication Date
30 April 2021

From a young age I’ve had a passion for all things digital

Having gained a wealth of experience working for many different companies on several interesting projects, Oleksandr found his way to Amsterdam to join Mobiquity. Exposed to all things digital, even at the age of two, Oleksandr was writing his own commands. He continues his passion while striving to create tools that are necessary and serve a real purpose for the business and engineering world.

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Oleksandr Loushkin: I am 32 years old and moved from Ukraine to Hilversum, in The Netherlands, with my wife one year ago. I have always liked The Netherlands and had plenty of business trips to Amsterdam throughout the years. So, when it came to searching for a new job, I thought why not look for an opportunity there. I like that I have to be creative within my role in order to get to the right decision and solution for the customer. I am happy that I get the opportunity to share my knowledge, while also continuously having a chance to gain new insights and ideas from the diverse teams here at Mobiquity.


I have a lot of interests and hobbies! Firstly, I am a musician at heart. I have released several CDs back in Ukraine. Mostly it was electronic music, so drum and bass and trance music, but I have also released some pop CDs with a Ukrainian singer. I enjoy photography. I used to have a photography blog, while I worked for a Ukrainian fashion magazine, where I showcased the different photos I captured. I have had a few start ups throughout the years that I created from scratch; a crypto exchange payment system for cryptocurrencies and I also created a project that provided analytics on trading which helped clients to strategise stock trading. 

I love action and adventure! Since moving to The Netherlands I have spent a lot of my time biking, and recently took part in the Kings Ride, biking competition held on the 27th of April covering a distance of 110km. I like to create videos using my drone and go pro collection. I have recently gotten my drone driver license for Luxemburg, so once I am able I want to go there and capture some nice footage.

Why kubernetes

I have a keen interest in kubernetes and in the coming weeks I will share a thought leadership piece around this topic. People don't always choose to use kubernetes because they lack information on this system. I want to share my expertise, knowledge, and the philosophy around why and how to use this system and how it can contribute. kubernetes acts as an orchestration system which is super flexible. You can change any component by yourself and of course it is open source. I really love it and I am now officially certified as a kubernetes administrator.

A lifelong passion

My childhood has had a significant influence on my career. My father worked as a developer of military electronics for submarines, so since birth, our house was full of many different electronic devices. My father encouraged me to get involved in the development of various electronic devices. We made our first computer in 1990, when I was just 2 years old, which was capable of downloading programs to memory from audio cassettes. At that age, I already knew how to write commands and write small applications. So I can proudly say that I wrote my first program in 1990. While I was in kindergarten, my parents gave me a book, ‘Professor Fortran’s Encyclopedia’. This is a children’s book about the algorithms and principles of computing systems, which became my bible.

In 1995, we bought the first IBM brand computer (IBM PC XT). It was possible to write modern programs in modern languages ​​such as C and Pascal. There was no Internet at that time and there was only one book from which I could draw my knowledge, every paragraph mattered. Of course, I was very fond of computer games and had to sort out bugs without the Internet and sometimes even fix minor problems associated with the launching. Since then, my life has always included computers. At school, I always tried to do my homework with the computer, and also participated in city school programming competitions, where I won first place. In 2002, I made a school website in pure HTML and deployed it on the server of an Internet provider, because at that time there were no web hosting services yet. I enjoyed telecommunications and that’s why I went on to study at the University of Telecommunications.


My experience so far

I have been working as an engineer for over 18 years now and have a variety of different roles. One of the first companies I worked for was a network service provider, where I started out as a network engineer responsible for designing the network and setting up equipment such as routers. I progressed within that company to become a technical leader and was able to make the decision to control everything by software, so we transformed the entire network to digital.

I also have worked for a gambling software company, one of the biggest worldwide with more than 10,000 games online. Here I designed the gaming platform based on computer vision, where we created a sort of turn key, real time, system which can analyse a real life image or situation and transform it to digital. I enjoyed working here but I found that the gambling industry was just not the right fit for me. There were lots of rules and regulations, and we were heavily restricted on the type of resources we could use. Many companies and projects later, I was eager to make a change and further develop my career so I decided to move to Mobiquity.

Bridging the gap between client and engineer

I liked Mobiquity right from the start! The interview process was enjoyable but also time efficient. The people are nice and the company was willing to help me with my relocation, which was something important for me. When I got offered the job, I immediately said yes!

I am working as a Senior+ Software Engineer. In my role I essentially sell the entire solution of a project to the client. I have been involved in several big projects, sometimes as a technical consultant and sometimes as a technical lead. I help to create a plan for the team I am working within, to figure out what roles are needed and who from the team will work on which element of the project. I also help to guide the team in choosing an approach that will best fit the purpose in terms of timing and needs for the client. From there I would create context diagrams where we break down the systems and approaches into several pieces in order to help display and explain our proposed solution to the client.

My role is basically a connecting role, as I help bridge the gap and understanding between the client and the technical engineers to ensure both sides are clear on the intended purpose of the business idea. We make all our plans in such a way that there is always a possibility to scale up the solution within a short period of time, meaning we are ready for whatever the client needs. If the client then wants to make changes to this plan. I can propose an entire new solution.

Currently I am working on a very interesting project with a large bank where we are developing an innovative idea to encourage more sustainability and act as an incentive for companies to invest in green energy and good ecosystems.


Freedom to express my true self

I like the people here at Mobiquity! I only have good things to say about them. There is a great atmosphere between all employees. No matter what position you hold within the company, everyone can talk openly and freely about their interests and not just about work and projects. I enjoy working here. Working on teams that have included over 15 different nationalities, I can say it is a great experience. All team members come with different ideas and knowledge which is nice and refreshing.

The work culture is definitely very different compared to what I have been used to back home, but I love it. I feel I have a lot more freedom to express myself and my opinions. You don’t get the feeling that you’re being held back with rules and restrictions and have the independence to be creative and work with the latest technologies.

We are dealing with a challenging right now where we must work from home and this has been quite a challenge for many companies. At Mobiquity however, I have to say we managed to navigate this challenge really well and were able to start working remotely just as efficiently as we usually do, the very next day after lockdown.

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