Get Going With Your Mobile Center of Excellence

Mobiquity Inc.
Publication Date
1 June 2016

Get Going With Your Mobile Center of Excellence

When people hear the term “Mobile Center of Excellence”, they often think about a committee that makes all the rules about mobility and acts as a centralized gatekeeper.  While a MCoE can, at its core, be comprised of a small team that spearheads the organizational effort around mobility, it is much more than just a few individuals.  In fact, the goals of a MCoE are far more about creating an enterprise-wide approach for mobility among a broad set of people, processes and technology.

At Mobiquity, we’ve helped a number of clients – from large insurers, to global professional-services firms to multi-national manufacturers, design and implement a MCoE. The reality is that every company has its own culture, its own organizational structure and other unique dimensions, which means that no two MCoEs look exactly alike.  The overarching goal of an MCoE should be the same: to align stakeholders, manage mobility operations and deliver innovative mobility solutions at the right time with best-in-class quality and by using resources optimally. 

The MCoEs chief mission is to develop key processes and standards across the organization and ensure that mobile initiatives are being executed in a consistent way.  And while each organization’s MCoE will be different, we have developed a common framework that can be leveraged to design the right approach for your company.

This framework is one that the MCoE should own, and includes five core components – Innovation & Governance, User Experience & Design, Architecture & Development, Mobile Operations & Management and Analytics & Marketing.  By identifying and addressing current gaps in each of these areas, an MCoE can achieve great strides in creating a mobile-ready enterprise.

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