Improving the digital banking experience for the APAC market

Dom Monty
Publication Date
25 January 2022

Improving the digital banking experience for the APAC market

Dom joined the Mobiquity APAC hub in October 2021, as Head of Technology, to help translate Mobiquity’s capabilities to the needs of the APAC market. He shares how he and the team plan to bring a value add to the local market and the importance and impact of the digital banking experience for the end user.

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Dom Monty: I was born on the island of Mauritius. I came to Australia in 1988 to study Computer Science and Mathematical Statistics. After graduating I decided to stay for a while, fell in love with the “fair dinkum” Australian culture and thirty three years later I am still here. Outside of work. I like spending quality time with my family and enjoy everything to do with sports and being outdoors, in particular tennis, badminton, running and swimming.


Translating Mobiquity’s capabilities to the needs of the APAC market

For the last 20 years I have been working in the banking industry, with companies involved in building products for all things banking. For the last ten years, I have been focusing heavily on digital banking products in particular. I have worked in start-up organisations being one of the first employees on the ground, even working out of a lounge room when there wasn’t yet an office. I enjoyed this experience a lot as I was able to grow my skills and experience at quite a fast pace. I was able to travel a lot when they were opening up new offices around the world. And as the company grew I was able to grow into different roles. Starting out as a Senior Developer working my way up to CTO and Executive General Manager.

I got to a stage where I felt like I wanted a change, but also wanted to stay connected to technology. What interested me about Mobiquity? The key things that really resonated with me were the people, the company values and work culture. I also liked the fact that I could join as one of the first team members starting the Mobiquity APAC hub. It is a really exciting moment to join, with a lot of opportunities, and I am still connected with digital banking where I can provide value through my experience and expertise. I have joined the team as a Head of Technology APAC, acting as the connecting technical link between the already established Mobiquity EMEA branch and our new APAC hub. My role is essentially to gain an understanding of the technology and capabilities of Mobiquity and translate that to the needs of the APAC market.

Bringing a value add to our local market

For APAC our goal is really to leverage our expertise within banking and finance to bring a value add to the local market. We have already begun building strong local partnerships, with the already established Mobiquity EMEA partners such as Backbase and Mambu. Building on that, we are also looking to local market partners such as Hay as a Service to further grow our presence and brand offering. We are focusing on new digital banking opportunities and embedded finance and payments. Payments is very interesting for us and we are working closely with Eftpos, which has a strong brand in the market. We are working with them to help evolve their payment proposition and drive payments through the adoption of QR codes.

Mobiquity is great at that creative side, in the ignition stage of generating innovative ideas to solve a specific problem. This is what we want to focus on, leveraging and raising market awareness of this strength of ours. Having an outcome led work culture really empowers us employees, and provides a lot of freedom for us to find our own way. It is an evolving space where with each day and interaction we are cementing our place not only within the organisation itself, but also in the local marketplace.


The digital banking experience

I have a strong passion for mobile banking applications and am a strong advocate of looking at how to improve the digital experience for banking. For example, it is critical to focus on the topic of security when developing digital banking product offerings. In doing so, how can we make sure to keep mobile apps and internet banking secure, but not let this cause friction or impact the final design and customer experience. Every two to three years, banks want to differentiate themselves from competition. Adopt the latest technologies to keep their customers' experience current and relevant for the end user. And they want the ability to make these changes fast and often. How do we find the right partners to work with to create those experiences, not only within a short timeframe, but in a way in which future developments or updates can be added to the existing platforms and technologies without the need to continuously reinvent and redevelop each time. And that is where Mobiquity excels. We not only develop an end digital product but really take the necessary time to deep dive into what the clients' frictions are and figuring out the best solutions to ultimately deliver the most compelling and functional experience for the end user.

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