Leveraging digital to provide a more personalised product for the customer

Peter-Jan van de Venn
Publication Date
5 November 2021

Leveraging digital to provide a more personalised product for the customer

Peter-Jan joined the Mobiquity team over one and a half years ago. He talks about the importance of listening to the customers needs in order to deliver a product that satisfies their expectations. He also shares his thoughts on the need for the Wealth Management industry to take more action when it comes to implementing digital solutions, or risk being left behind.

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Peter-Jan van de Venn: I’m born and raised in The Netherlands. I love to cook and discover new and interesting recipes. I recently got a pizza oven so I am currently working on my pizza making skills. I enjoy travelling and exploring Italy. I like to go there a few times a year, because I enjoy their food and culture. I am also a fan of F1, and enjoy following the competition series.

I have over twenty years experience in the banking and tech industry working in consulting for some of the top firms, with a focus on digital banking in The Netherlands and EU. I did take a step outside of consulting for a few years, where I have led both a delivery and commercial department for a core banking scale-up, which gave me a deeper understanding and viewpoint, but after a while found my way back to consulting. I guess I live up to the saying; Once a consultant, always a consultant!

What attracted me to Mobiquity was the fact that it is a very fast growing company. We have many great client references, which is not only important to have a foundation to build upon, but also says a lot about the company’s success. It is proof that we are capable of delivering products and services that are not only needed in the market, but also valued by our clients. There is a great challenging working environment among all employees. Each person is working together to contribute their best work in an effort to take the company to the next level. Having so many different nationalities creates a very diverse and inspiring work atmosphere, which I truly believe enables us to develop and create really innovative solutions. You have a certain freedom at Mobiquity to find your way and approach, which allows you to think more outside the box and create more exciting results.


Delivering products that are close to the customers heart

I focus on Digital Banking and Financial Services. First and foremost I help our clients develop, envision, create, and realise their digital strategies. Mobiquity has a great DNA of making products that really matter. It’s not just flashy technical products, but products that really serve a purpose for the end user. With our talented and experienced team we really can deliver something close to the customer's heart, which is really exciting to be a part of.

I am also very involved in the business development side of things, which I enjoy a lot. I contribute to Mobiquity’s thought leadership content by writing articles, blogs, and joining virtual arena discussions on the hot topics within the fintech industry, where I can share my expertise. Technology continues to evolve. We are always looking ahead at how what's happening, how customer needs and expectations are shifting. It is crucial that you listen to the needs of the end user. By actively researching and listening to the customers needs we can continue to enhance and improve upon our value proposition which we offer to our clients. I enjoy diving into content with clients and looking at how and where we can reuse or adjust and improve previous project strategies and product designs, to create more traction for the client.

Implementing technology in the correct way to exceed customers expectations

At Mobiquity we leverage our existing technology and expertise to create and continuously improve our fintech tooling, that we can then deliver to our clients, which when put in practice gives their customers a better experience. By implementing technology in the correct way, it will exceed customers expectations, lower business costs, and also enable more control of business activities and transactions which is cruelly important within the heavily regulated financial industry.


We have recently conducted a research report within the Wealth Management industry, surveying 400 Wealth Management executives at firms across the UK, US, Netherlands and Switzerland. In the past the relatively high average age of the customers, regulatory requirements, along with the complexity and financial situation of Ultra-High-Net-Worth Individuals (UHNWIs), has caused a lot of hesitation when it comes to introducing and utilising digital technology within the Wealth Management industry. However, with the correct use of technology, such as Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning algorithms to accelerate better decision making and predictions, and the use of Open Banking and the API economy to support the collection of distributed financial information, wealth executives can gain better insights which in turn will only benefit their customers. Leveraging digital technologies can not only help them to create a more personalised offering, but also help with removing frictions within the business processes. We are entering a new phase of digital transformation and this market is ready for disruption. Wealth Management firms need to keep up with changing customer demands to safeguard their own future.

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