Living my ambition of working in an international, creative and people driven company

Diego Junco
Publication Date
25 June 2021

Living my ambition of working in an international, creative and people driven company

Diego Junco, originally from Colombia, decided to make a big overseas move, together with his wife and 5 year old daughter, to work for Mobiquity. Arriving in The Netherlands on the day when lockdown started has been a unique experience for Diego. Now over 1 year into the job, he is enjoying his time and delivering great work within his teams, despite the fact that he has yet to meet his co-workers in person. He shares his journey so far and his experience of life at Mobiquity.

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Diego Junco: I wanted an opportunity to work in an international environment so I started to apply for jobs through LinkedIn. I saw an opening at Mobiquity and was interested to find out more about the company. From looking online I could see that they had a great company culture, and now working here I can tell you that is very true!

Away from work I enjoy playing video games and playing music on my guitar. I also have a strong interest in Machine Learning, so I’m always reading and investigating this topic when I get the chance. It's important for me to continually develop my knowledge base. I currently live in Amstelveen with my family. And although I love the beautiful landscape of my home country, Colombia, and the welcoming people, I can honestly say that here I am, over 1 year in the Netherlands, and my family and I are very happy with our new life.


AI, Machine Learning, and Deep Learning

I think it is very important as an engineer to learn as much information about AI, Machine Learning and Deep Learning topics, because these technologies are having a huge impact in our daily lives. It is critical to understand how these technologies can be applied in order to make it part of our toolbox. As these technologies continue to evolve they will become more and more a part of our lives.

If you are interested to learn more about AI, I have recently written the piece Introduction to Convolutional Neural Networks where I explain what CNN is, how these technologies can be used, and share some examples of how Mobiquity has utilised AI in projects.

Working together, independently

Throughout my career I have worked in many different roles, from developer, to technical lead, to architect and currently as a backend competence lead. This role requires a lot of leadership, which I enjoy. I get to work directly with clients and their development teams to engineer solutions that are valuable for the customer.

We work together in independent teams. Making decisions together as a team for both the technical and business side. Having the freedom to choose what solution to build, using which technology. With this way of working you get a lot more responsibility because as a team you must make the right decision for your clients.

Understanding the customers needs

My role is very dynamic. I work in agile teams to complete sprints to deliver product increments, every 2 weeks, to the client. It is quite cool to see the constant evolution of the product in this way from start to finish. Being able to understand the customers/end user needs and being able to express those needs in a more technical language where you end up with a working and valuable solution for our clients, that is what I enjoy the most.

Currently I am working on a project with Leaseplan, one of the largest car leasing companies worldwide. In this project we are changing their architecture to create a new digital friendly solution for all countries where they operate, so they can reach their customers digitally. We have recently gone live in the UK and our next go live will be in Germany.


Company culture is everything to me

Why Mobiquity? Well, that’s easy! They have a human centric culture. Always thinking of the people first and their well being, making sure you’re in a project where you feel rewarded and can progress your career. Mobiquity is filled with talented people who I can learn a lot from. There is a great atmosphere for learning from one another and from other competences in which you have an interest. There is a strong sense of equality among all employees where you can express your true self without any fear and everyone respects one another which is something I value a lot.

For me it's all about the culture of a company. Having creativity with an abundance of interesting products is why I choose Mobiquity. In fact during my interview process this was one of the key questions I asked: What kind of products do you create and what kind of customers do you work with? Using the latest technology stacks and having a human centric and creativity driven work environment keeps me inspired and enables me to continue both my personal and career growth and development.

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