Mobiquity Minute: Cloud Migration

The Cloud
Natalie Hahn
Publication Date
13 July 2020

Mobiquity Minute: Cloud Migration

In this video, Natalie Hahn, VP, Alliances, discusses the importance of migrating to the cloud and its many benefits for businesses. 

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So I think one of the most important things about moving to the cloud is the flexibility that it offers businesses.

We're seeing that now, especially with COVID-19 and the fact that everybody's working remotely and cloud gives you the most flexible, most scalable way to be able to manage your business.

It's also important to move to the cloud, just from a cost cutting standpoint, right. When companies are hosting their applications and their business processes inside an on premise data center it gets to just be more and more expensive to manage the operational costs, the upgrade costs, making sure that everything is up to date with security and compliance regulations and all of that. When you move more of your infrastructure to the cloud, it allows you to more easily run those updates through all of your systems and support that environment. Plus, it takes a different kind of management from your IT team.

They're not worried now about the hardware and the software. They're worried now more about the uptime and the cloud environment and they typically have partners who help them support that. So there's a cost cutting measure, there's an efficiency measure, scalability, and at the end of the day, really, the flexibility for both internal processes and flexibility for your teams to do their jobs.

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