Create Compelling Employee Experiences | Mobiquity Minute

Sree Singaraju
Publication Date
19 May 2020

Create Compelling Employee Experiences | Mobiquity Minute

In this video, Sree Singaraju, Vice President of Cloud Services, discusses creating compelling employee experiences.

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Employee engagement is a critical component of what companies need to do. And as part of that, there are a bunch of information elements that need to be tied together so that employees get the same level of experience that they get from going through a consumer channel.

So, for example, what I mean by that is, if a tool is being provided like a, an employee portal or an employee mobile app to an employee, it needs to provide the same level of experience that they get from an Expedia or an Orbitz as it pertains to employee experience. And that's where we believe companies should start treating their employees, almost like consumers, and be able to pull information together into one common place and provide a compelling experience.

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