Create Compelling Employee Experiences | Mobiquity Minute

Sree Singaraju
Publication Date
19 May 2020

Create Compelling Employee Experiences | Mobiquity Minute

In this video, Sree Singaraju, Vice President of Cloud Services, discusses creating compelling employee experiences.

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Sree Singaraju

Sree Singaraju is the Senior Vice President of AI and Cloud Services at Mobiquity. In his experience, the cloud is the key enablement ingredient for any digital solution: mobile, voice, web, chat, AI/ML. Since the cloud is at the center of every Mobiquity engagement, Sree is a natural fit and great asset to every company engagement. Blending his experience leading transformations at organizations like Johnson & Johnson, Dun & Bradstreet, Merrill Lynch, and State Street Bank, with his expertise in cloud and artificial intelligence, Sree spends his time helping companies transform their goals into reality. A true believer in the power of personalization, Sree wants to support companies in their journey to create responsible AI. To do this, Sree’s work involves creating programs that cater to an audience of one, meaning every single engagement that a user has is personalized to them. No longer will customers get ads for credit cards they already have or promotions for meat lover’s pizza if they are a vegetarian. Rather, Sree is focused on creating meaningful experiences for each individual customer. In his spare time, Sree enjoys playing tennis with his friends and even participates in local tournaments. He has two sons and has coached their baseball teams. Sree is also very interested in podcasts, specifically ones that offer different perspectives so that he can learn new things and gain inspiration that can carry over into his work-life. Sree holds an MBA in Information Technology from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute and is a graduate of Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University where he studied Civil Engineering.

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