Mobiquity Minute: What Does the Future Hold for Digital Banking?

Matt Williamson
Publication Date
14 January 2021

Mobiquity Minute: What Does the Future Hold for Digital Banking?

We've seen a huge explosion in digital adoption and growth in digital banking since the pandemic began. But what will the future look like? In this Mobiquity Minute video, VP of Financial Services, Matt Williamson, discusses what banks should do next to stay relevant in a world that has vastly accelerated its use of digital.

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We've seen a huge explosion in digital adoption and growth. What we're going to find is everyone is now on board and comfortable with digital interactions. And now's the moment where banks and the financial services community need to really get into the use cases and have general nuances into their applications. Look at what's working and what's not and refine accordingly because now that everyone's adopting digital, they're not going to revert back to the way things used to be.

There's not going to be a reverse cycle when we return to normality as such. I think, because people have gotten used to leveraging and utilizing digital services, they're not going to return back to bricks and mortar in the way they did before.

Some of the biggest challenges that banks and banking are experiencing at the moment is actually relevance. And what I mean by that is not are they relevant, of course they are. But are they relevant to what they currently do and how they serve?

The reality is, banks need to find their place in the new ecosystem, you know, you have fintechs, you have challengers, you have digital front ends, you have consultancies, like ourselves. So the reality is they need to make sure they understand their place and then leverage key partners like ourselves to help them achieve the outcomes that their customers need, so collaboration is going to be key for any banking community that wants to succeed and thrive in the future.

Matt Williamson

As an experienced turnaround manager and entrepreneur, Matt Williamson is Vice President of Global Financial Services, Mobiquity. Matt joined Mobiquity during COVID-19 to support the company’s growth trajectory and is a specialist in M&A, technology, product integration, strategy, and delivery. Matt’s career demonstrates his international expertise and ability to rise to a diverse array of challenges. Beginning his career as a fraud investigator at Thomas Cook and Travelex, Matt went on to run Travelex’s Global Business Payments Tech for EMEA and won a Sibos innovation of the year for the Geo Payments Network while occupying the role of UK Product Head. Following this, Matt was appointed by Citi Bank as its Senior Vice President of Technology for Treasury Trade Services and EMEA Head of Commercial Prepaid Card Technology. Matt has also been instrumental in the merger of Misys into Finastra, leading a successful hyper-growth strategy as the Global Head of Payments and Cash. In addition, Matt has worked with Fintech start-ups such as CoBa as Global Head of Fintech, and an international payment scale-up, FORM3, as its Director of Customer Success within its Enterprise and Partnership division to build its brand on a global basis. Matt is a thought leader on financial inclusion, the bank of the future, cashless societies, the digital banking experience, sustainability, fraud and security of payments.

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