Mobiquity Minute: Start Right, Shift Left

Dominick Profico
Publication Date
19 June 2020

Mobiquity Minute: Start Right, Shift Left

In this video, Dom Profico, Chief Technology Officer, discusses the start right and shift left mentality when thinking through cloud technology and digital transformation.

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The Mobiquity Minute video series was created to provide tips, insights, and expert perspectives on all things digital. True to its name, in just about a minute, watchers will learn about a variety of digital topics – from mobile apps to conversational AI, digital transformation, customer and employee engagement, AI/ML, and everything in between. Check back often for new videos regularly. Want to keep watching? Scroll down for more interesting insights.


The way I think about how digital transformation is “applied ambiguity.”

It's about applying a concept I refer to as “start right and shift left,” which is really a mindset about: how do we choose the technologies we use? If you look at the broader timeline, historical timeline, of technology and you kind of - the past is on the left and the future is on the right.

You know, our goal within engineering, within Mobiquity, is to start as far to the right as we can. Start with the most modern, most recent technologies.

Use the technologies that have the most likelihood of success in addressing that need and then you shift left as you're required to; shift left as you're forced to because of regulatory concerns or because of other limitations applied to you by your customer, your business, your domain.

And in that mindset is, we want to start with the most advanced, forward-thinking cloud technologies and shift left as needed. And that I think is kind of a true path to digital transformation.

Dominick Profico

Dominick T. Profico is the Executive Vice President and Global Chief Technology Officer at Mobiquity, responsible for all engineering and technology in the US and offshore developer centers. Together with his team, Dom helps Mobiquity clients solve tough technical problems with the cloud at the center of every engagement. Spending 15 years at Lockheed Martin in various roles, Dom’s background includes working on large scale government integration programs, and research and development dealing with multiple technical and domain areas, such as Geospatial-Intelligence, Counter Drone Technology, Information Distribution to and from the Tactical Edge, Live Video Transmission, Mobile Technology Deployments to the Front Line, and more. All of these experiences have led Dom to appreciate the extraordinary power of diverse teams as well as the impressive value of individual creativity to work through hard problems and bring real-world solutions to market. Dom strongly believes that the industry is at a crossroads, where advances in technology and the level of complex, yet open, integration is on the precipice of enhancing how people live in ways we haven’t seen before. Contributing solutions to how these technologies improve the human experience is his passion, and he is excited to continue this work in collaboration with the Mobiquity team for years to come. Outside of work, Dom enjoys riding motorcycles, spending time with his large extended family as well as his three teenage children, his wife, and their two dogs. He is also active in his local community, serving as the president of his local high school’s music boosters program and volunteering his time with charities in support of the care and comfort of cancer patients. Dom has a Bachelor's of Science Degree in Computer Science from Rowan University.

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