Mobiquity Minute: What are Mobiquity’s Super Powers?

Lori Balducci
Publication Date
2 June 2020

Mobiquity Minute: What are Mobiquity’s Super Powers?

In this video, Lori Balducci, SVP, discusses Mobiquity’s super power: blending creativity and back-end engineering for ultimate success.

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Our ability to really understand users and user behavior and desires really feeds into our strong, strong design capabilities. Anybody could create beautiful imagery, you know, an application that moves well, but when you really try to drive a specific behavior and you do it in a way that people don't even realize just how hard simple is to do - our design folks are magical when it comes to doing that kind of thing.

And the ability to make that all happen and take a super complex, oftentimes, back end environment and have it presented itself in a way that, just again, seems simple, is a sign of really strong engineering.

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