Mobiquity Minute: The Future of Patient Care

Steve LoSardo
Publication Date
5 August 2020

Mobiquity Minute: The Future of Patient Care

There’s a lot of talk surrounding the future of patient care. What will change now that patients and clinicians have turned a corner in virtual visits, telemedicine, and digital healthcare?

Digital healthcare methods surge in 2020

According to analysts at Forrester Research, 1 billion virtual health-care interactions are expected by year’s end. And while telehealth is not brand new, only 11% of Americans used it in 2019. Not surprisingly, as COVID-19 changes the way we interact in all aspects of life, many patients are quickly embracing virtual healthcare, with 46% of U.S. consumers now using telehealth.

Thinking beyond COVID-19

Now that patients are getting more comfortable with digital health, providers and leaders in the life sciences and healthcare industry need to start thinking about what lessons they can learn from the pandemic.

  • What patients can we triage digitally?
  • How can we reduce touch for a more contactless, safe experience?
  • Can we enable digital payment for smoother transactions to keep patients and staff healthy?
  • What does our digital front door look like? 
  • Are there barriers to entry for some of our patients that we need to resolve?
  • How can we make the most of the patient data available to us, regardless or where it comes from? 

This is nowhere near an exhaustive list, but it goes to show the opportunities that the pandemic has created to help make it easier and safer for patients to take care of their health. 

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Will digital technology define the future of patient care? 

We sat down with our VP of Healthcare Solutions, Steve LoSardo, to ask him about the value of technology in healthcare and what the future looks like for patients. Watch now to get his insights:

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Well, what's interesting is, I'm not sure we really need to look that far into the future, to see what's going to be most valuable with respect to technology and the healthcare industry because I think much of it is is available today, or will be available in the very, very, very near future.

So for example, you know, we look at smart devices like mobile phones, watches, and fitness trackers – they're being used today to help people better manage their health. The concept around the internet of healthy things is truly taking hold. I think even before COVID, we started to see things like weight scales, blood pressure cuffs, heart rate monitors, pulse oximeters, and even glucose meters available in the home. 

So patients, more than ever, have had access to technologies to track things like their vital signs, to track information that they could share with their physicians to help in diagnosis, help in treatment. Help in ongoing care management. So I think much of what we have today will be impactful over the next three to five years.

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