Mobiquity Minute: How to Create a Touchless Experience

Mike Welsh
Publication Date
2 June 2020

Mobiquity Minute: How to Create a Touchless Experience

In this video, Mike Welsh, Chief Creative Officer, discusses how to create touchless engagements with fewer taps and swipes to create safer, more convenient customer experiences. 

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Mobiquity Minute Mike Welsh Going Touchless


The Mobiquity Minute video series was created to provide tips, insights, and expert perspectives on all things digital. True to its name, in just about a minute, watchers will learn about a variety of digital topics – from mobile apps to conversational AI, digital transformation, customer and employee engagement, AI/ML, and everything in between. Check back often for new videos regularly. Want to keep watching? Scroll down for more interesting insights.


I think the thing that technology can do the best is: number one - support as little touch with anything as possible. So it's a super basic one. If you have stuff that you have to tap and swipe for - see if you can do it with voice.

If you have multi-tap, multi swipe, multi gesture experiences, make them one gesture, one tap, and then make that a Siri shortcut. Start thinking in simple, small ways so that people can have faster paths with less touch to get things done. 

Because a lot of times people look at technology like oh, we want to make curbside pickup really easy. And we're talking about building screens and stuff. And I'm like, no, no, we don't want to do screens. We want people to be able to say, hey, smart assistant, intelligent assistant, do this thing for me. And look at your infrastructure and see if there's things in the infrastructure that you can exploit to create that kind of experience for consumers.

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