Mobiquity Minute: What is a Digital Product?

Brittany Mills
Publication Date
17 May 2021

Mobiquity Minute: What is a Digital Product?

With more companies investing in digital transformation as a result of the pandemic and more consumers turning to digital for safety and convenience, digital products are an opportunity that businesses should consider due to the many benefits that they offer.

Digital products can be digital applications, platforms, or a combination of hardware and software that drive new revenue streams for an organization. The immersive experiences that digital products provide connect the dots between multiple touch points using a data-driven approach, enhancing the overall brand experience that it delivers to customers. 

In this video, Britt Mills, Senior Director of Customer Experience at Mobiquity, talks about how digital products can manifest into new streams of revenue, enhanced business models, increased ROI, and better customer engagement.

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Mobiquity can help you think through digital product strategy in a lot of different ways. From ideation all the way through to post launch support and growth. When you look at digital products, it's not just an experience you're putting out there in the marketplace.

Digital products are an immersive experience that connect the dots between multiple touch points, blur the lines between marketing and product, and are really data driven to enhance the overall brand experience that it delivers to their customers.

Typically what we see with digital experiences is we create a roadmap, we launch a product, and we continue to iterate and evolve on that product. The unique thing about flipping the paradigm, and looking at it as a digital product and digital product experience is sometimes those experience opportunities manifest themselves into new revenue streams, creating a new business model, ROI model, and strategy around a new opportunity that services your current and new customers might be an output from a well designed digital product

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