Mobiquity Minute: What is a Friction Report?

Brian Levine
Publication Date
28 May 2020

Mobiquity Minute: What is a Friction Report?

In this video, Brian Levine, VP, Strategy & Analytics, discusses the Mobiquity Friction Report, a tool we use to identify your customers’ pain points so that you can better address their needs.

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Well, the Friction report is a product that we've developed at Mobiquity. So what we understood, early on, is that for any of our solutions or for digital transformation to really be successful, we have to address customer pain. And most customer pains, in any digital interaction, is some sort of friction. It's “this was difficult for me. I had trouble.”

And we thought there was a really big open opportunity to look at things like App Store reviews or Yelp reviews or website reviews, where people are actually talking about how they use the product itself.

And if we can look at these reviews, we can understand how a customer felt without inserting ourselves as a researcher. So, we created the Friction Report to take one of these sets of information – like, we'd be looking at trying to understand, where's the friction in banking apps? 

So, we essentially download a few hundred thousand reviews from the Apple and iOS – the iOS and Android app stores. We use some machine learning and data science to figure out what types of things people are talking about and then we can tell any company that wants to make an app, in like the banking space, as an example, you know, what types of features are customers having a big problem with and where are things going really well. 

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