Mobiquity Minute: What’s your Digital Strategy?

Brian Levine
Publication Date
2 June 2020

Mobiquity Minute: What’s your Digital Strategy?

In this video, Brian Levine, VP, Strategy & Analytics, discusses how Mobiquity helps its clients create a strategy and direction for their digital programs.

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The Mobiquity Minute video series was created to provide tips, insights, and expert perspectives on all things digital. True to its name, in just about a minute, watchers will learn about a variety of digital topics – from mobile apps to conversational AI, digital transformation, customer and employee engagement, AI/ML, and everything in between. Check back often for new videos regularly. Want to keep watching? Scroll down for more interesting insights.


We can do all sorts of things to figure out what it is that a company should be doing. But when you put that together, you might wind up with a list of “oh here here's 500 things that we have to do” – that you have to do. I think what happens is when we bring together the talent that we have here at Mobiquity, we don't provide a list of 500 things. We can now take all of these inputs and synthesize them into a strategy and a direction.

You know, we can give you one page that says here's what is going to be important about the direction that you take in what you do. Here's your starting point today - here's where you need to get to.

Brian Levine

Brian Levine serves as Mobiquity's VP of Strategy & Analytics, in addition to running Mobiquity's insurance vertical in the United States. At Mobiquity, he has developed digital strategies for multiple insurers, including Amica, Arbella, Mercury, and Travelers. In addition to his work in this vertical, Brian has pioneered research products at Mobiquity that look at clients through new lenses, including developing the Mobiquity Friction Report (tm) which uses large sets of consumer sentiment data to prioritize digital development based on consumer interest. Prior to his role at Mobiquity, Brian founded a consumer research company acquired by Nielsen in 2015 and lead the development of Audible on Alexa for Amazon.

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