Partnership to Empower Children with Cancer

Courtney Ford
Publication Date
14 April 2017

Partnership to Empower Children with Cancer

Mobiquity is pleased to announce a partnership with Princess Máxima Pediatric Center for Oncology for the development of a digital solution that supports and empowers children with cancer and their families. The aim is to build an intuitive-to-use tool that discloses the right information at the right time in such a way that families with different backgrounds and needs feel supported.

The treatment of children with cancer is physically and emotionally impactful on both children and their families. The full treatment journey is complex and long. Children and parents have to absorb a significant amount of complex information in a short period of time.

At the Princess Máxima Center, care is focused on patients and their families, and particularly on the patient's development. In partnership with Mobiquity, an interactive and visual digital version of treatment protocols will be developed. Every family has its own way of absorbing information. When information is offered in a tailor-made way, children and their parents can be empowered to best manage the disease and reduce stress.

The digital tool will:

  • Deliver a visualization of treatment plan information and better align to the knowledge level and needs of children and parents. With this, families will be better informed.
  • Provide insight on how to best integrate different treatment phases into daily life in order to improve the transition from hospital to home.

With these features, both children and their parents will be increasingly empowered to follow the treatment plan. This empowerment will have a positive impact on the wellbeing of the family.

Due to synergistic capabilities and strong alignment on mission and values, both organizations have agreed to start the partnership.

The mission of Princess Máxima Center for Pediatric Oncology is to cure every child with cancer and to provide them with the optimum quality of life. This will be achieved by providing care that is focused on patients and their families and particularly on the patient's development.

It is the ambition of the Center to enhance the normal development of children, despite their life threatening disease and impactful treatment. Families should be involved as much as possible in the development of their children’s treatment plan and be empowered to manage the care. Princess Máxima Center works passionately, pushes boundaries, and creates partnerships with organizations that bring additional capabilities to the table.

The mission of Mobiquity is to improve the human experience in healthcare with digital solutions. The company develops innovative digital solutions according to a human-centered digital design process. Mobiquity has broad experience in the development of digital solutions in healthcare. Every day, 50 million people use digital products that are (co)developed by Mobiquity.

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