Our Global Lab For Amazon Alexa Delivers Nestlé’s GoodNes Skill

Mobiquity Inc.
Publication Date
24 May 2017

Our Global Lab For Amazon Alexa Delivers Nestlé’s GoodNes Skill

Waltham, MA - May 23, 2017 - Mobiquity, a digital engagement provider that designs and delivers voice solutions and other connected experiences for the Fortune 500, today announced that its Global Lab for Amazon Alexa has launched Nestlé’s GoodNes skill. Alexa device users can now participate in an innovative voice-plus cooking experience for browsing, selecting, and preparing their favorite recipes.

The GoodNes skill acts as a virtual cooking assistant that allows users to activate recipes from GoodNes.com, Nestlé USA’s resource to help consumers transform simple ingredients into delicious meals, snacks, and drinks for all occasions. As cooking has many visual elements, Mobiquity’s Global Lab for Amazon Alexa designed a first-of-its-kind, browser-based visual guide to enhance the skill. Users can ask the GoodNes skill for information about a recipe, such as nutritional details or serving sizes, or for step-by-step cooking instructions and enjoy visual prompts and how-to videos for a richer cooking experience. When the visual guide is not enabled, the skill relies more heavily on voice cues, adapting for the user.

“Amazon has been innovating very quickly in the voice-first market, initially with the Amazon Echo and Echo Dot and more recently with the Echo Look and Echo Show," said Ty Rollin, Mobiquity’s Chief Innovation Officer. "By extending this innovation past the Alexa platform to browsers and other channels in a voice-plus experience, Mobiquity is helping our clients realize more value from voice today and in the future.”

In addition to merging voice and visual, the GoodNes skill further engages users through mobile and email channels. The Alexa mobile app displays cards that provide supplemental visual references throughout all stages of browsing, selecting, and preparing recipes. Email supports account linking, connecting the voice and visual aspects of the experience for each user and allowing users to share ingredients and other recipe details outside of the skill.

The GoodNes skill was developed in collaboration with Nestlé’s Silicon Valley Innovation Outpost (SVIO) in San Francisco and marks the beginning of its efforts to build new consumer experiences that elevate time spent in the kitchen. GoodNes is available now in the Alexa Skills Store and can be enabled on any Alexa device by saying “Alexa, open GoodNes.”

Envisioning and building voice-plus experiences is one of the many ways that Mobiquity’s Global Lab for Amazon Alexa is driving innovation. The digital engagement provider established the lab to help enterprises unlock the power of voice and discover new use cases for the channel in response to its growing impact.  


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