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Mobiquity Featured in Wall Street Journal: Four Reasons the Stay-at-Home Economy Is Here to Stay
Mobiquity Featured in Wall Street Journal: Four Reasons the Stay-at-Home Economy Is Here to Stay
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Reinforcing Evidence Based Care through your Products

Steve LoSardo
Publication Date
30 July 2020

Reinforcing Evidence Based Care through your Products

The new approach to evidence-based care

The life sciences industry is changing. With evidence-based care at its core, traditional focus on the product is evolving to an approach that puts more stock in digitally enabled solutions that deliver improved patient health outcomes. 

As such, pharmaceutical companies are taking an even deeper look at the patient journey to figure out how they can make the most of these digital solutions.

A patient’s journey

Patients discover life science companies and their products/therapies in a myriad of ways. From google searches, to product brochures, community support groups, and more – once they start using a product, a new path in their journey begins. From adverse events, to comorbid conditions, and positive outcomes, each patient’s journey is complex and varies based on their unique condition. 

The real secret to success, however, is the patient reported outcomes (PROs) submitted throughout each journey. Real-world evidence helps life science companies make the most effective therapies.

This is where technology comes into play, and it can make or break a product depending on how easily, efficiently, and quickly PROs are turned into actionable transformations that make a product better. 

How to get the most value from PROs with *one* platform

With an exorbitant number of third party data sources (such as prescription and medical claims, internal clinical research data, and patient-sourced data) that provide pharma companies with the information they need to understand, enhance, and modify their drugs, life science leaders are investing in evidence-generating platforms to help them obtain insights that would be impossible otherwise. 

Plus, with the growing interest in digital channels, such as web, mobile, voice and IoT devices, companies need to think about how these channels will help them generate value and how they ladder up to a carefully created digital ecosystem. Planning a strategy around this allows life science companies to differentiate from competitors while building deeper relationships with patients, HCPs, and other healthcare stakeholders.

In today’s new world where keeping patients safe is the ultimate goal, a connected, digital ecosystem will be key.

What does a centralized, digital ecosystem look like?

A digital ecosystem is a multi-layer model that takes third party data sources and patient-provided data and pulls them into one integrated platform. From here, users have insights from thousands of sources at their fingertips with minimal effort. Imagine having the ability to see comprehensive drug performance that enables continuous evidence-based decisions that ultimately improve patient lives. That’s what a digital ecosystem can do for your organization.

Mobiquity can help

Our experience has transformed life science companies, helping them to maximize the value of their patient data so that patients are healthy and happy. If you’re interested in creating a digital ecosystem for your repertoire, let’s talk.

If you’re not sure about where to get started, we have a variety of building block solutions that can help you with your current challenges while you work to discover what your future goals are. Reach out to us if you’d like to explore our:

  • Strategy sessions: We’re offering digital transformation strategy sessions that can evolve your current strategy to account for the industry shifts we’re experiencing in life sciences. 
  • Innovation lab: Access to our innovation lab has helped life sciences companies like GSK, Otsuka, and others realize new methodologies that they can implement for better outcomes.
  • North star exploration: If you’re looking to improve patient experiences, develop your North Star goals for a new product, or better measure and analyze your data, we can help. 

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