Searching for talent to shape the future of digital

Zeynep Tunalıoğlu
Publication Date
10 December 2021

Searching for talent to shape the future of digital

Always on the search for next talent, Zeynep joined the Mobiquity Recruitment team two years ago as a Senior Talent Acquisition Specialist. She shares with us her passion for people, and how she strives to find the right candidates to enable the prosperous growth of Mobiquity.

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Zeynep Tunalıoğlu: I am originally from Istanbul. I moved to Amsterdam almost six years ago. I love to dance. I used to do ballet from the age of three to nineteen. Now I like to do more modern dance. I am also a huge science fiction fan and an avid reader of all things sci fi. Last year I read over twenty five sci fi books.

A people person at heart

I studied Psychology at Koc University and did a Masters in Clinical Psychology. I have always been a people person, and am fascinated by how people work, click and operate. I like to be able to help others. However, when I was in this field I never had full time work, so I used to do some other part time work as the HR / recruitment for my family's company. After making the move to Amsterdam I ended up switching completely to Recruitment. I found a job in an agency and loved it. I started out recruiting mainly for IT. My husband is a backend developer so I have a nice insight into that role and work environment. 

I enjoy the “clear win” of recruitment, meaning once a candidate signs an offer you know you have completed your job well. It is a clear moment of happiness that is definable. It is a very rewarding feeling to know you have helped someone to join a new company and role where they are excited and motivated to start. When working as a psychologist, whilst the job is really rewarding in other ways, you don’t get that clear win as your work is never complete and the ambiguity of this can get quite tiring. This is why I have chosen recruitment. I still get to enjoy the people aspect and can be a part of changing people’s lives, just in a different way. Just over two years ago I joined Mobiquity.

Why do I like Mobiquity? 100% the people! The way people interact with each other is very special. There is a great sense of mutual respect between all colleagues and departments. When I first joined Mobiquity I saw some stickers with an outline of a person and the phrase ‘Always be kind’ and was curious what they were all about. I later found out that the person on the sticker was Jieke, our VP of Engineering, and that phrase is his catchphrase. Since then I have interacted with all levels of the business and have found that ‘Always be kind’ truly defines how people interact and treat one another.


Finding the perfect fit

Finding the perfect fit for Mobiquity is a multifaceted task. I start by searching for potential candidates through multiple channels. Of course we advertise all our openings on our website and online so some people will apply directly for a role. I also find talent on Linkedin, or by coming across their portfolios or websites online. Other candidates may be referred to me by a friend or Mobiquity employee. Spotting the right candidate can be a complex task, as I am not only looking to see if the candidate is the right technical fit for the role, but I also need to ensure they will fit into our company culture. Typically it helps if candidates have a well thought out online presence, such as having blogs, a portfolio, their own website, or twitter! This really helps to get a glimpse into who they are as a person beyond the more formal and professional CV and Linkedin profile which is great! What advice would I give to potential future employees? Anyone who applies to Mobiquity should know that we really care about our company culture. Before going into an interview, it’s best to do your research and already have an idea about why you are interested in joining Mobiquity. Then during the interview have fun, be yourself and don’t be afraid to ask questions! 


The Recruiter; both a gatekeeper and cheerleader

As a Recruiter you inevitably become the face of the company you are representing. You need to act both as a gatekeeper to ensure the right candidates proceed to the interview process, but also as a cheerleader to entice and motivate that talent to consider Mobiquity as their top choice. You see the real value of a Recruiter when a new employee joining the company is excited. However, Recruitment is not just about filling a job opening, it involves real people. It is not just a case of spotting talent. You must also ensure that the person can fit into the existing culture and working environment. Not everyone with a lot of experience and the right skill set will be the right fit for the job. For every time you say yes, you have to say at least twenty times no. It’s important that during this uncomfortable situation that you still provide the best experience you can. It can be hard to reject someone but it is important that you do so in the right way, where you can offer some constructive feedback and words of encouragement to the candidate.

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