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Tech in Motion Announces Mobiquity as Top Tech Workplace for Diversity and Kevin Breen as Top Tech Manager
Tech in Motion Announces Mobiquity as Top Tech Workplace for Diversity and Kevin Breen as Top Tech Manager
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Talking Alexa Podcasts

Mobiquity Inc.
Publication Date
18 December 2017

Talking Alexa Podcasts

Joel Evans, Alexa Champion, and Jonathan Patrizio discuss the latest trends, use cases, and product developments in the fast-evolving world of voice.

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The podcasts draw on their experience designing and developing Alexa skills for the world's leading brands - including Nestlé, Purina, and BabyCenter - to share a different best practice for leveraging voice to engage your customers.


Episode 15: The Conference Room of the Future

Launched at AWS re:Invent 2017, Alexa for Business officially brings the power of voice to the enterprise. Tune in as Joel and Jonathan explore how Alexa is making our conferencee rooms - and our work places - smarter.

Episode 14: Child's Play

Ever wonder how children interact with Alexa? Listen in to hear Joel and Jonathan discuss Alexa’s kid-friendly skills and how Alexa can help you with your morning routine!

Episode 13: Alexa, Remember Me!

Did you know Alexa can now remember your voice? Tune in as Joel and Jonathan discuss Alexa voice recognition and security as well as Joel’s newest Alexa gadgets and more!

Episode 12: The Inside Scoop on AWS re:Invent 2017

Take some tips from Joel and Jonathan, who recap their experience from last year's event and share what they're looking forward to this year, including Joel's speaking session! 

Episode 11: How Voice can Transform the Dining Experience

Ready for a taste of Alexa? Joel and Jonathan draw on their experience working with leading brands in the food business space to cover why voice is compelling - and the challenges to overcome.

Episode 10: Our Favorite Use Cases

Ever wonder how voice experts use Alexa in their everyday lives? Well, you're in luck, as Joel and Jonathan walk you through the ways they use their Echo devices at home and in the car. They also explore the possible use cases of voice in healthcare before covering Alexa's newly-announced expansion to India and Japan.

Episode 9: Amazon's Big Announcements

Amazon recently made headlines with several new Echo devices and Alexa-enabled offerings. Joel and Jonathan break them down - from the Echo Plus to the Alexa Gadgets - and help you understand their various use cases.

Episode 8: The Anatomy Of An Alexa Skill, Part 4

Joel and Jonathan conclude the series with a deep dive into the design, build, and publishing processes. They explain when to user test (hint: often), how to ensure your integrations don't impact performance, and what you'll want to submit along with your skill during certification.

Episode 7: The Anatomy Of An Alexa Skill, Part 3

Why is crawl, walk, run often the best approach for bringing your brand to voice? Tune in as Joel explores the complexity that can arise in your skill and how to manage through it to optimize cost, time, and effort. You'll see why starting with the basics can be the key to success.


Episode 6: The Anatomy Of An Alexa Skill, Part 2

Defining an MVP skill is the topic of this episode. Jonathan and Joel walk you through our envisioning process, including design, technical, and security components, so that you can take away some tips for planning out your latest voice solution - or get a preview of what it's like to work with our Global Lab team.

Episode 5: The Anatomy Of An Alexa Skill, Part 1

This time, Jonathan begins to tactically break down some of the many components of a successful Alexa skill - starting with the submission process. He walks you through skill naming, iconography, the skill description and more so that you can begin with the end in mind. 


Episode 4: A Look At The Echo Look

Fashion brands and fashion enthusiasts won't want to miss this episode - as Joel and Jonathan highlight the Echo Look, Amazon's Alexa-powered styling assistant. And for those of you wanting to voice-enable your home, tune in for a discussion on use cases for the Echo Dash Wand. 

Episode 3: Getting Started With Voice

If there's one question we get when it comes to Alexa, it's "how do we get started?" Joel and Jonathan cover the basics of bringing your brand to voice, including best practices for designing a skill and some use cases you might not have considered, like adding voice to your mobile app.


Episode 2: Hello, Who's Calling? It's Me. The Echo Show

Ring, ring. In this week's episode, Joel and Jonathan discuss one of the Echo Show's major new features, voice calling. Later, they share their thoughts on why the Echo Dot is a disruptor. 

Episode 1: First Impressions of the Echo Show

If you can’t wait to get your hands on the Echo Show, live vicariously through Joel Evans as he recounts his first time using Amazon’s latest Alexa-enabled device, including some fun hidden features he wasn’t quite expecting.




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