Tips for Successful Digital Transformation: Week #3

Publication Date
20 July 2020

Tips for Successful Digital Transformation: Week #3

Digital touchpoints have never been more important to the success of businesses of all sizes, across just about every industry. Unfortunately, digitally transforming a business can be a daunting task. To help break down the process into more manageable steps, this month we’re bringing you a new tip for digital transformation success for every work day. We’ll provide a summary of these best practices in a weekly blog post throughout July. We hope the series inspires transformation in your business. 

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Week # 3

We’ve spent the past two weeks focusing on what to do before you engage in the digital transformation process. This week we’ll dive into some best practices for making the process as successful as possible. 

Day 11 - Utilize processes proven to work

Establish the “hypothesis, experiment, observation” thinking process for the whole organization. Teams want to make obvious and visible change, so use whatever works. The scientific method is a good rubric for demonstrating a way of working that is visible, rational, and can be supported in any transformation journey.

Day 12 - Tailor established processes to meet the needs of your team 

You need established frameworks but also the ability to flex those frameworks so that you have the time and resources for creative iteration. Decision making and your go-to-market strategy should balance leadership, discipline, and predictability (process) with autonomy and freedom to explore and test. If you’ve already built your timeline, you may want to add extra weeks to accommodate this exploration.

Day 13  - Start to focus

In week 1 you identified top areas of customer friction, now it's time to prioritize them within your digital transformation program. What has the most impact on your bottom line? On customer loyalty? Can you quantify the impact of these points of friction on your business success? Ranking these points of friction based on their business impact will ensure your program offers a return on investment.

Day 14 - Stay curious and keep asking “why” questions 

Use the “5 Why’s” rule of thumb. When you have determined the first point of friction to focus on, ask the team why this friction happened. Continue to ask why until you’ve uncovered the root cause that will help point you to the best solution. This helps teams move beyond accepting things as they are, and challenges status quo biases.

Day 15 - Get customer feedback

Develop the ability to connect with potential customers throughout the whole creative and delivery process, starting with ideation, all the way to the point that a marketable product is ready. Work hard to stay connected and continuously validate any assumptions made throughout the whole process.

Onto week #4

Now that you’ve made it through the hard work of your digital transformation journey, you’ll be moving onto week #4. Next week, we’ll explore what happens after your project is done and how you can keep the momentum going.

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