What do a Greek philosopher and digital transformation have in common?

Amy Kleppinger
Publication Date
30 January 2020

What do a Greek philosopher and digital transformation have in common?

Somewhere around 500 B.C., the Greek philosopher Heraclitus famously made the observation that the only true constant in life is change. And amazingly enough, he was right.

In 2020 that increasingly means a rapid shift – from centuries old ways of working to a digital approach to doing just about everything. 

In business, this shift can be synonymous with the phrase digital transformation - buzzwords you may be wishing to retire. But while you may be tired of hearing about digital transformation, it’s never been more important. Because, as our friend Heraclitus astutely observed, there’s no stopping change.

At Mobiquity, we’ve seen so many companies undergo amazing digital evolutions. From companies with little to no digital experience implementing full-blown corporate roadmaps, to food companies connecting with digital natives, giving them the ability to Ask Alexa how to cook a turkey or walk them through a recipe. Rest assured, digital transformation is possible from any starting point.

At the heart of every one of these programs is the desire to continue to be relevant into the future. The progression of technology is guaranteed to reshape your business - and if you’re not thinking about how digital technology will change the industry you’re in, you can be sure your competitors are. 

Consider the fate of Kodak who thought they were in the film business or Blockbuster who thought that a streaming movie service was merely a niche idea.  Or, in case you were starting to despair, reflect on the success of Crayola, who has recognized that their place in the future is not just as a maker of crayons, but as a manufacturer of high quality creative experiences. 

Undertaking the kind of thinking that will carry your business successfully into the future requires more than business strategy. It must be adopted and valued throughout the culture of an organization and at every level. It must become a part of your company’s DNA.

If this all seems a little overwhelming, know that there is likely a natural first step within arms reach and great partners to guide you along your journey. While the ever evolving jargon of  technology can feel like a foreign language to be conquered before even thinking about digital transformation, don’t be fooled. The most important ingredient in meaningful innovation is a thorough understanding of your customers. With that knowledge, you can create the types of personal, relevant and frictionless experiences that will keep your business ahead of the competition.

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