Metaverse Immersion Program

An in-depth and practical business program that allows high-level executives to cut through the hype, get informed on all the facets of metaverse and most importantly have a clear view of its business potential for their area of responsibility.



Discover your business value in metaverse in one day

People have a hard time agreeing on what metaverse is or could become. Web 3.0 and spatial internet, nft’s and ownership, VR, AR and XR; terminologies, technologies, and ideologies are being tossed around. One thing is for sure, with billions being invested, it is not something business leaders can simply ignore.

Mobiquity & Hexaware's Metaverse Immersion Program is designed to bring high impact against an exceptionally low investment, honing in on The Art of the Possible and The Craft of the Valuable. Through an in-depth and practical workshop, get informed and gain a detailed portfolio of opportunities, prototypes along with an execution & investments plan on your next steps to capture your business value in metaverse.



The Art of the Possible

This part of the program is run by Hexaware’s Metaverse Lab who will showcase a wide range of technologies reaching critical mass and a tailored demonstration of inspiring of use cases to help discover where your business fits.



The Craft of the Valuable

This innovation session is led by Mobiquity’s innovation consultants aimed at discovering in what way your own business challenges can potentially be solved through metaverse and its technologies. Here we uncover tangible value pockets to establish which problems to solve and for whom.


What you will receive at the end of this program

A tailored portfolio of opportunities prioritised on business viability, technical feasibility, and human desirability.

Visualisations (e.g. prototypes, sketches, videos) of the opportunities together with their riskiest assumptions to conduct experiments with real user.

An execution plan and investments mapped out for the next validation phase.





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