Developing a Curbside Delivery Program

The growing importance of curbside pickup

Whether ordering food, picking up groceries, or getting a new TV, consumers are increasingly demanding immediate gratification with less hassle. And companies are racing to meet that expectation through innovation.

Restaurants and retail stores that are looking to deliver greater speed and convenience have several ways to improve their experience, and pairing curbside pickup with a mobile app may be an effective new way to drive profits and customer loyalty.

If you’re ready to learn more about kicking off  curbside technology in your business - let’s talk.

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Curbside offers the ultimate benefit for customers

In this busy world, curbside is an appealing option for many people. But certain populations will benefit and engage the most, including some that might be new opportunities for your brand, including: 

  • People with disabilities who would have an easier time having their items delivered to them, rather than getting out of the car
  • Those looking to avoid unnecessary contact with potentially harmful viruses like coronavirus and influenza
  • People with small children, who could benefit from the time saved getting their children in and out of car seats 
  • Busy professionals and commuters who desire to pick up food and essentials for the family on the go
  • People with pets, especially in the hot summer when it's not safe to leave them in the car 

One of the best things about developing a curbside program is that, when done right, it’s a win-win for you and your guests!

Why guests love curbside How it can benefit your business
Minimizes customer effort More frequent visits! If it’s easy to get in and out on the go, guests are likely to visit more often.
Shorter wait times Happier customers, higher throughput and greater sales during peak times.
Allows customers to fit in pickup according to their busy schedules Better planning - you know when to expect visits and can prepare in advance.
Allows for multitasking  (eg. get gas and a snack in one location
or trips to two stores close to each other)
Higher check averages and/or more visits.
Less contact, decreased chance of interaction with a sick person. Maintain cash flow and customer preference - customers will choose your location over stores without curbside.
Allows pickup on their schedule without delivery charges and tips. No need to invest in an expensive fleet of delivery drivers.


Curbside isn’t just for restaurants

While an intense focus on speed and throughput makes quick service restaurants a natural fit for curbside, there are many ways curbside technology options can be beneficial for traditional retailers, as well. 

In grocery chains, for example, using curbside pickup app is a great solution for consumers who are crunched for time. The ability to place an order and pick it up on the way home from work is compelling for many busy families. Mass market retailers benefit from selling both groceries and other home goods, giving them an advantage for shoppers trying to run errands with more ease. 

Introducing a curbside mobile app can also be a valuable enhancement in convenience store chains where the added bonus of efficiency can drive loyalty. Consumers tell us they love being able to fuel up and simultaneously place their lunch order, getting them in and out and back to their day faster than making two stops when they’re crunched for time.

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Want to learn more?

Mobiquity experts walk you through Curbside technology best practices in our webinar “Ready to Go Curbside? Get Started Now.”Watch the webinar now

Build a curbside delivery app for your business

There’s never been a better time to invest in something that is sure to pay off in dividends for your business. Building a curbside mobile app can improve your customer experiences quickly, especially today as consumers are limiting their visits to  stores and restaurants due to the risk of exposure to COVID-19.

You can be the hero for your customers by offering them a safer way to interact with your company and employees and transforming your customer experience for the better into the future. 

So how do you go about building a curbside delivery mobile app?

Mobiquity can help you regardless of where you are in your digital journey. We’ve worked with countless global brands, helping them to digitally transform their business for better customer experiences. 

You’re the expert in your field – let our experts help you conquer your digital goals. 

How can I get started? Mobiquity’s Quickstart Curbside Workshop

At Mobiquity, we believe in making sure that the solutions we create have long lasting value for our customers and their consumers. We also recognize that sometimes, time is of the essence and businesses need to move quickly. That’s why we’ve offered those interested in kicking off a curbside program a way to get from idea to plan in two weeks - we’re calling this our Quickstart Curbside Workshop. 

This program starts with your hypothesis about the value of curbside in your business, combines our research, experience and insights and commences with a plan that sets you up to quickly develop a functional MVP for live testing. The benefits of this program include:

  • Quickstart assessment - in two weeks we’ll work with your key stakeholders, uncover the important considerations for your business, and recommend the best path forward. 
  • Optimized assessment - we’ll methodically uncover the elements that can make or break a curbside program, making sure that your launch is set up for success.
  • A final plan, examining and making recommendations around:
    -Costs, timeline and risks
    -Dependencies on customers, IT, marketing and Ops teams
    -Training & change management

Why work with Mobiquity?

There are many pitfalls and important considerations when developing a curbside mobile app and launching a holistic curbside program. It’s important to work with a partner who has experience analyzing operations end-to-end to best integrate curbside into each unique business model.

And when you’re ready to start talking about a program for your operation, let’s talk. Mobiquity has a wealth of experience helping customers design the right program for their operational needs and we’re ready to help you get started.