Bringing Voice-Plus to the Kitchen


Elevating Consumer Experience with
Voice & Vision

Nestlé’s digital strategy is increasingly being shaped by one guiding focus: to elevate the experience of consumers within the kitchen. Aware of the rapid growth of voice, the company’s Silicon Valley Innovation Outpost (SVIO) saw an opportunity to accomplish this goal with a visual twist and engaged Mobiquity’s Global Lab for Amazon Alexa as a strategic partner.

Since cooking is a very visual process and users would miss out on these important visual elements with an Alexa voice-only skill alone, the SVIO wanted to enrich the experience by adding visuals to the mix. In response, our lab team brought the concept to life by architecting an innovative voice-plus experience for browsing, selecting, and preparing recipes all built on the tools and services of the AWS platform.


Richer, Guided Cooking Experience

The voice-plus solution that we delivered is centered around the GoodNes skill for Amazon Alexa, a virtual cooking assistant that allows users to follow recipes in an easy, step-by-step fashion. For visuals, we created a first-of-its-kind browser-based visual guide.

Users can ask the GoodNes skill for information about a recipe, such as ingredients, utensils needed, nutritional details, or serving sizes. They can easily start making the recipe by following step-by-step cooking instructions and enjoy visual prompts and how-to videos for a richer cooking experience. When the visual guide is not enabled, the skill relies more heavily on voice cues, allowing users without a screen to still follow along.

Our lab team also incorporated mobile and email channels to enhance the voice-plus approach. We built companion cards to display in the Alexa mobile app to provide supplemental visual references and leveraged email to personalize the link between the GoodNes skill and the users’ web browsers as well as provide a way to have the recipe content sent to their inboxes.


Hands-Free Convenience

Following testing and certification, Mobiquity published the GoodNes skill to the Alexa Skills Store in the US. It has found immediate success, helping Nestlé to simplify the culinary experience with hands-free convenience unlike ever before.

See (and hear) for yourself! Enable the GoodNes skill on your device by saying, “Alexa, open GoodNes.”

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