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Individual and corporate omni-channel digital experience

UK’s leading ground transport company provides taxis, private hire cars, executive travel, coach hire, and specialist transport services for the corporate market in the UK.

With the business expanding, the client observed an acute need to redesign their brand and adopt a new language that reflected across new and existing subsidiary brands. To do so, they required data insights on key performance indicators, passenger service metrics, and social integration for instant feedback and recommendations.


The client also required native apps for their corporate users that is backed by research of user profiles and requirements. Additionally, they wanted to create an omni-channel digital experience for both individual and corporate customers that improved customer satisfaction and loyalty.


Modern and responsive booking tool

The client required a modern booking tool that works on all web and mobile platforms, is user-friendly, and aids customer retention. The tool needed to be responsive and capable of attracting new businesses—specifically for their corporate and consumer clients. With regard to the backend, the client was looking for a single booking window, integrated with all systems—across existing and new brands—for specific corporate user profiles.


To meet the client’s requirements, our solution included designing and developing web and mobile applications across 4 brands and 2 user segments – B2B and B2C. The applications would be accessibility compliant and could confirm bookings in 2 clicks on both web and mobile applications. We also offered integration with Google services for real-time, editable locations on the map.


Through our solutions, we re-designed the client’s web-based booking tool across brands for different user segments. They include:

  • UK corporate customers leveraging fleet services
  • Customers using the Licensed Black Cab circuit in London & Liverpool
  • Passengers with serious mobility impairment
Booking Experience Case Solution

Web and mobile applications across 4 brands and 2 user segments

Our solution delivered tangible business benefits that included:
  • 35% improvement in customer satisfaction
  • Widened customer base on mobile channels by 30%
  • 300% increase in business in the first year
  • Managing multi-brand objectives through a single core-codebase
  • Tracking multiple booking for ‘super-bookers’
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