Matching Mobile App Access To Digital Desires


Unlimited data plans are not the status quo in most countries

With limited data allowances affecting most mobile users, posting to apps that eat up a ton of data - think Instagram, Snapchat and Facebook - can be more of a luxury than an everyday occurrence.

One prominent telecommunications provider recognized this fact but also saw that its tens of millions of subscribers wanted more. They challenged Mobiquity with building a solution to enable users to scale up - and down - their data on their own terms: for an hour, a day or a long weekend away, allowing them to share their memorable moments readily and on their terms.

The solution also had to work across over a dozen countries, and for a variety of business units operating under different sub-brands.


Scalable platform, transformed infrastructure

To ensure scalable access to data services, the company first needed an IT infrastructure that could support micropayments from millions of users, regardless of the day or time. It needed to build a single platform that could manage payments across multiple markets and also better leverage its collection of customer data to understand and predict user behaviors and patterns. Enter serverless cloud.

Together we transformed the company’s IT infrastructure into a true digital engagement platform built on the AWS cloud. While they previously had separate payment systems for each country in which they operated, the new solution replaced those multiple points with a single gateway capable of the scale and speed its customers demanded. The new, centralized infrastructure allows the company to offer on demand, pay-as-you-go services to its customers, customized by country.


Happier customers through evolving the business model

Instagram, when you want it - instantly even!

The new payment gateway has been rolled out to over 30 million customers, who are now free to share their stories however their hearts’ desire. With better response times and the ability to scale to accommodate peak usage periods, the new payment solution has translated into fewer abandonments in the purchasing process, higher revenue, and - most importantly - more happy (and digital savvy) customers.

Better still, this serverless digital engagement backend now serves as the foundation for the company to offer new, customized, digital experiences as their business model evolves.

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