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DTG is no stranger to transformation

Founded in 1881, the Dutch company got its start printing the National Directory phonebook (De Telefoongids) and selling listings in the Yellow Pages (Gouden Gids) - directories it has since digitized and complemented with a full suite of cloud-based online marketing services.

The company traditionally had a monopoly on the data that makes up these listings, helping DTG to maintain its time-tested reputation as a trusted source of directory information; however, the Dutch government’s open data strategy has more recently made this information available to new players. These players often have no legacy and are able to quickly disrupt the space with innovative, engaging experiences attractive to advertising businesses and users alike.

As a result, DTG started to notice a decline in its online traffic and user engagement - and by extension, the click through conversions that drive value for its advertisers. It recognized a need to transform itself again - this time through its digital touchpoints - and based on a successful history of working together, joined forces with Mobiquity to accomplish this aim.


Empower with a multi-channel experience

Our team sought to empower DTG with a consistent experience filled with new features for captivating users. To do so, we built a responsive website with a refreshed, intuitive look and feel. The responsive site not only allows for a seamless, user-friendly, experience across desktop and mobile but also eliminated the requirement for DTG to maintain native mobile apps.

For added engagement, we introduced functionality, such as dynamic maps, reviews, and a link to the Dutch Chamber of Commerce, to each directory listing. We also added a tracking solution to enable advanced analytics on traffic, with a focus on conversions, to measure the ROI of the new features.

Mobiquity empowered with DTG

Re-cemented market position

The data reveals that conversions on mobile devices were up by 33 percent just one month after the responsive website launched. This is hardly surprising, as users also report that the new experience is faster and easier to use. With the help of Mobiquity, DTG has re-cemented its market position through a successful digital transformation.

“We have worked with Mobiquity before, and we really like the flexibility of the people and the way they think. They are not afraid to offer ideas and suggestions, but they can listen, too. That is why we chose to work in a hybrid model, our teams and Mobiquity’s team working side by side with their own responsibilities but towards a common goal.” - Pieter Westerhuis, Product Director, DTG

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