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Introducing m/Power, a Mobiquity Podcast
Introducing m/Power, a Mobiquity Podcast
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Sydney Fenkell
Publication Date
3 April 2018

Amazon Alexa | Amazon Connect viewed by Mobiquity

It’s time to transform the contact center into the customer engagement center.

We’ve all experienced the pain. You need customer support for one reason or another. Maybe your car broke down. Or, perhaps you want to upgrade your mobile phone.

No matter the reason, you probably start looking for help online or on social media, begrudgingly realizing that you’re left with no choice but to call the customer service line. You’re then forced to follow several prompts, only to find that the live agent has no record of the account number you entered 30 minutes ago.

Today’s leading brands would never strive to deliver a mobile app or Alexa skill filled with such friction; yet, all too often, their contact center experiences are far from effortless. They not only fail to meet customers’ demands for seamless brand interactions across every channel but also miss out on an opportunity to engage customers with value when they may need it the most.

As an AWS Premier Consulting Partner with digital engagement expertise, we were thrilled when Amazon launched Amazon Connect, its self-service, cloud-based contact center service, last year. Amazon Connect allows you to show your customers that you really care while offering the benefits we’ve come to expect from AWS. Its customer service platform is highly scalable, easy to integrate with, and allows data to be exported to whatever third party services your enterprise wishes to use. It also offers the industry’s first pay-by-the-customer-connected-minute pricing model.

What’s perhaps most exciting to us is that Amazon Connect can be driven by the same AI you’re using for messenger and voice applications. This means that conversational bots interjected with your brand identity can service your customers while driving down costs. In turn, you’re able to deliver a higher level of engagement, consistent with your brand experience, to those who matter most.

Seeing is believing, and at Mobiquity, we’re such big believers in the power of Amazon Connect that we’ve partnered with the team to show off the benefits. We’ve envisioned two real-world scenarios where Amazon Connect disrupts the traditional contact center experience, demonstrating that the customer engagement center of the future is here to stay.

Check them out below, and think about how you’d feel if you were Sally or Harry. And for more information on Amazon Connect, be sure to head over to Amazon’s Solution Space.

Customer Purchase Experience



Customer Service Experience


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We believe that addressing customer challenges gives you opportunities to delight. Using our proprietary Friction Reports and  strong industry expertise, we dig deep into customer sentiment and create action plans that remove engagement roadblocks. The end result is seamless, relevant experiences that your customers will love.