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Mobiquity Chosen as Best Tech Work Culture Finalist in Timmy Awards
Mobiquity Chosen as Best Tech Work Culture Finalist in Timmy Awards
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9 March 2019

Ladies that UX in Amsterdam | Mobiquity hosts event

Mobiquity is excited and proud to announce our partnership with Ladies that UX Amsterdam (LTUX Amsterdam) to positively promote, mentor, and empower women working in the design space. The goal of our partnership is to provide a platform for mentors and mentees to create relationships. After last year's positive feedback from participants it's clear that mentorship programs are a great learning experience for both mentors and mentees.

The first edition of the mentorship program in 2018 had around 60 participants from various UX and Design disciplines of all levels or experience. Most participants built long lasting relationships and have continued to communicate beyond the program. During the program some mentees worked together with their mentor towards a well defined goal, while others received advice and guidance as needed.

There were a lot of learning opportunities along the way for mentees, mentors, and the Ladies that UX organization. Having this in mind and seeing demand from the community, we are proudly launching Ladies that UX Amsterdam - Mentorship Program 2019.

This year the mentorship program will run from April 2019 to August 2019. The idea is to match experienced designers, researchers, and POs with less experienced designers or ladies who are early on in their careers. The mentees will be challenged to work on their goals while utilizing the guidance and support of their dedicated mentors.


  • March 8- Mentor registration open!
  • March 25- Mentee registration open!
    At this point, Ladies that UX Amsterdam can begin matching mentors and mentees.
  • April 11- Mentorship program kick-off event
    Held at Mobiquity Amsterdam office where mentees and mentors will meet. At this point, Mentors and mentees will begin working on mentees’ goals. Pairs are required to meet bi-weekly, but can agree to meet more often if they chose.
  • June 20- Check-in event. Registrations are closed.

    18:00 Door open, snacks & drinks
    18:30 Intro by LTUX Amsterdam and Mobiquity
    18:40 Retrospective facilitated and designed by Eva Leffef & Anouschka Scholten
    20:00 - 22:00:Networking (food & drinks)

    Mobiquity Office Amsterdam

    More info
  • August 11- Closing event. Agenda TBA. Pairs will preferably showcase results of the program.

About Ladies that UX Amsterdam

Ladies that UX Amsterdam is a part of global organization of women UXers that operate in over 50 cities worldwide. Ladies that UX Amsterdam mission is to empower women to claim their voice and role in product creation processes. To facilitate learning and live up to this mission, the group organizes meetups that create a welcoming and inspiring space for women to share knowledge and experiences on UX design. The continuously growing group of professionals includes members of many different backgrounds and levels of expertise, creating a diverse environment and encouraging mentorship. To learn more about Ladies that UX Amsterdam, check out their website.

About Mobiquity

Mobiquity partners with the world's leading brands to design and deliver compelling digital products and services for their customers. We are a collective of unique individuals - over 600 employees spread across 3 continents and 10 offices - with a mission to humanize digital experiences. Our team of consultants, designers, engineers, and data scientists works closely with clients to understand, apply and engage technology in meaningful ways for both people and businesses.

With so many experienced UXers on our team, Mobiquity is thrilled to partner with an organization that supports talented ladies in the tech and design space!

Ladies that UX Amsterdam Testimonials

“I finished the LTUX mentorship program feeling satisfied and accomplished. LTUX set me up with a great mentor, who was always there to listen and provide feedback. This program made me realize anyone can achieve whatever they dream up. For which, I will always be grateful to LTUX for this wonderful experience.” - Sarah Soha, UX Designer

“I’ve been trying to put together my portfolio for ages but always felt overwhelmed. With my mentor’s help I was able to showcase the projects in a way that I was proud of. I couldn’t have done it without him!”- Rai Sharmistha, UX Designer

“I learned what being a mentor is all about. At the beginning of the program I was sure that as a mentor, I had to be very structured and really prepared before each meeting. During the program I actually understood that my job is mostly listening to my mentee and offering hands on advice & support when needed. Being flexible is what kept the mentorship on track.” - Poli Gilad, Sr.UX Designer


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