The Ultimate Restaurant Playbook: Your Guide to Creating a Seamless Digital Customer Experience

In the restaurant industry, finding ways to stand out in a touchless, socially distant world, is a challenge. The old rules of customer service are out the window, replaced by new digital expectations from restaurant guests. According to the Wall Street Journal, 10 years of consumer adoption of e-commerce was compressed into three months during the pandemic. Plus, 90% of US consumers agree that they will continue to use digital tools to reduce the number of things that they touch on a daily basis. With so much at stake, how will restaurants pivot to support their guests?

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Digital tools drive
customer loyalty

Digital tools have the potential to improve ecommerce and, in the foodservice industry especially, digital technologies will provide restaurants with an array of new options for automating the experience, both for customers and employees. The digital revolution has started – how will you show up? 

Our playbook will help you understand and implement the digital products and strategies that will delight customers and keep your business thriving. Download the playbook to:

  • Understand the steps necessary to create a strategy for your digital transformation
  • Create a plan for how to digitize your offerings
  • Learn tips from experts on how to execute your plan
  • Garner ideas for measuring and analyzing your program’s success

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