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Create immersive experiences that drive revenue and wow your customers

As metaverse rapidly evolves and starts to change the way brands attract and engage customers, it is both the biggest challenge and opportunity facing industry executives today. The challenge of course, is identifying where to focus and how to bring value for both your business and customers, without high investment as the exact outlook of metaverse is yet to unfold. However, the opportunity presented is the limitless potential to create immersive content and interactions that improve existing customer experiences, build brand awareness, and opens new revenue streams.

It’s time to get prepared and determine how these new technologies can be integrated into your business models and strategy; whether it’s starting small with virtual events and new immersive experiences, or redefining your entire product offering. By setting priorities and starting to take those initial steps, you can be ahead of the market and prepared for the shifting buyer behaviours and new methods of interactions to come. With Mobiquity’s extensive experience in the areas of financial services, retail, and healthcare, we have the skills and capabilities to guide you on your metaverse journey.

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How to get your business metaverse-ready?

Don’t know where to start? That’s where Mobiquity can help. We start by assisting you in understanding this rapidly developing digital space, where your business fits in this space, and how to create value for both your business and customers. Together, with our team of experts, we will develop an innovative, feasible and adaptable strategy with actionable takeaways to get you started and continue your growth within metaverse. Mobiquity's metaverse immersion program is a workshop specifically designed for high-level executives to cut through the hype and uncover business value in one day.

The workshop covers:



The Art of the Possible

This part of the program is run by Hexaware’s Metaverse Lab who will showcase a wide range of technologies reaching critical mass and a tailored demonstration of inspiring use cases to help discover where your business fits.


The Craft of the Valuable

This innovation session is led by Mobiquity’s innovation consultants aimed at discovering in what way your own business challenges can potentially be solved through metaverse and its technologies. Here we uncover tangible value pockets to establish which problems to solve and for whom.


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Takeaways on completion of the program



A tailored portfolio of opportunities prioritised on business viability, technical feasibility, and human desirability.


Visualisations (e.g. prototypes, sketches, videos) of the opportunities together with their riskiest assumptions to conduct experiments with real user.


An execution plan and investments mapped out for the next validation phase.


Check out what Mobiquity has been creating in metaverse. Our team recently worked on designing and developing a NFT fur fashion collection which was launched this June during MET AMS, Europe's leading metaverse festival. This digital fur fashion collection highlights how digital innovation can create a sustainable future. The aim of the project is to raise awareness around the atrocities of the global fur trade and drive donations to the International Anti-Fur Coalition.

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