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Creating human centered digital patient experiences

The COVID-19 pandemic profoundly changed the way people do most things, including how they access healthcare. With widespread, rapid adoption of digital technologies around the world, digital tools such as telemedicine, mobile applications, virtual/video consultations and examinations, remote monitoring, and wearables have become the new norm. But how will these digital experiences evolve? Are they here to stay?

of digital health
The consumerization

of digital health

With 90% of US consumers agreeing that they will continue to use technology after the pandemic, it’s hard to imagine a world that doesn’t come out on the other side with digital solutions for healthcare. In addition, our recent European healthcare research report shows that half of 55+ year old patients had a better experience with digital tools compared to in-person consultations during COVID-19. Since March 2020, we’ve seen digitalization prevail in digital banking, contactless payments, touchless pickup and delivery in retail, and even remote work.

With so many industries revamping their customer experience model to satisfy the demand for digital, the consumerization of healthcare is not far behind. COVID-19 has helped patients and providers see the benefits of telemedicine and virtual care and can more easily envision new possibilities across the digital landscape.

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Identifying and removing your friction with digital strategies aligned with all relevant stakeholders

How can you accelerate the design, development, and scaling of meaningful compliant digital health solutions that can positively impact  your clinical workflow?

Mobiquity has experience solving a variety of frictions, such as:

  • Your current innovation model doesn’t support human-centricity
  • The complexity of your internal organization creates low digital innovation traction.
  • Lack of interoperability and high demands on data privacy and security hinders the scaling of your digital health solutions.
  • There is a mismatch of increasing compliance and integration costs, making your business case for digital health difficult.
  • Increasing R&D costs and societal affordability for new medicines isn’t aligned.
  • The evolution of your pharma commercial model has limited effectiveness, further hampered by Covid-19.

How we can help:

  • Create ‘beyond the medicine/solution’ value with holistic support for patients and healthcare providers managing their conditions.
  • Accelerate your innovation strategy via our digital traction framework for increased business value.
  • Deepen your data strategy and data integration capabilities to ensure interoperability and scalability your business.
  • Partner with compliant platform players and end to end system integrators to lower time to market.
  • Transform clinical trials registries and the generation of real world evidence with digital, e.g. by decentralizing from onsite to a patient’s home.
  • Strengthen digital commercial strategy, marketing tools and virtual sales engagement.

Mobiquity experience and expertise

The biggest challenge facing stakeholders is the ability to create truly human centric, integrated digital health solutions. Mobiquity is experienced in understanding how to address all stakeholder needs when designing a solution and has experience helping some of the largest healthcare systems, hospitals, and pharmaceutical companies with their digital transformation.

Our experience helping numerous healthcare and pharmaceutical companies, such as Princess Maxima, Otsuka, CSL Behring, Alcon, GlaxoSmithKlein (GSK), Boehringer Ingelheim, Novartis, Roche, and many others have led us to create some of the world’s most engaging solutions that support every part of the healthcare/life science journey.

Clients we worked with:
Connecting multi stakeholders to get personalised healthcare started

Implementation of innovation requires all stakeholders to move in sync. See how we do it with our P4 methodology.

Our work with Princess Maxima

As a fully specialized hospital for children’s oncology, Princess Máxima Center's mission is to cure children with cancer and to provide them with the optimum quality of life. Once a child is diagnosed with cancer, there is a toll on the entire family. To help provide some relief, Mobiquity designed and developed an interactive and visual digital support tool to guide families during the different treatment phases.

The first ever digital pill

Together with a large pharmaceutical company, we designed and built the first FDA approved digital medicine system with an ingestible sensor that ensures care takers treatment is being followed.

Making a surgeon’s job easier with integrated workflows

Mobiquity designed and built a comprehensive Cataract Refractive Procedure planning & patient management tool via a web based secure cloud platform which includes: refractive cataract procedure planning, integrated IOL ordering and billing, and procedural optimization & outcomes reporting.

Values created with digital strategy for top 10 pharmaceutical company

  • Identification 'where to play & how to win’.
  • Strategic direction for development & execution of digital solutions.
  • Strategic direction for enablers.
  • Alignment & engagement on the digital strategy by key internal stakeholders.
  • Strategic foundation for engagement employees and external stakeholders.

We get the
job done

Mobiquity drives successful healthcare innovations. For our clients we reduce complexity of innovation by connecting the dots from strategy to implementation, take a human centric approach, and deliver superior technology capabilities.


Mobiquity has extensive experience in both designing and optimising digital transformation processes and we provide clients with a range of services to ensure we deliver from idea to execution.

Mobiquity offers one stop shop services covering multiple expertise for customer facing services like CX, Design & UI as well as the back-end architecture, systems implementation and integration.


Utilizing our expertise in this area, we have defined blueprints and reference assets that can serve as an accelerator for your projects. These assets decrease time-to-market and implementation costs and increase quality of delivery.


Mobiquity works with several proven partners and can integrate almost any third party solution.


Mobiquity’s service offering

Innovation process

In a crowded marketplace, how do you plan to stand out? Will you create a digital experience that users rave about? How you innovate now will define how your company retains existing customers and attracts new ones for sustainable growth.

User experience & analytics

The way you measure the success of your company often comes down to the experience you create and the analytics that prove whether that experience is working. Let us help you put a framework in place for your omnichannel digital strategy that will wow your audience.

Data strategy & data integration consultancy + partnerships

Invest in data strategy & data integration capabilities to ensure interoperability and enable scaling of digital health solutions. This will satisfy high demands on data privacy and security.

Digital strategy & North Star ideation

What is your biggest driver of success? Do you know? Are you sure that the metrics you have in place are giving you the best picture of the overall health of your company? Our teams will help you develop your North Star so that you can easily identify where you want to go and make a plan for how to get there.

Transforming healthcare with Reinforcement Learning

In many consumer offerings the shift from one size fits all to personalisation is already the case. In healthcare and wellbeing, patients are more and more interested in understanding their own health. And they expect, due to their experience with consumer offerings, a personalised approach to help them achieve better results. One of the most promising technologies to achieve a personalised health approach is Artificial Intelligence (AI), in particular one specific method called: Reinforcement Learning (RL). RL has shown impressive results, e.g. it is the technology behind computers playing complex computer games, driving cars, optimising your Facebook feed, recommending your next Netflix series to watch, and it is now showing promise to enable personalised medicine and care.

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Reuters event panel discussion

Watch the Reuters events panel discussion with Sanofi, Gruenenthal, Merck and Mobiquity: A customer-centric strategy that will facilitate your results-centric model

  • Create a two-way strategy for customer-centricity. How to deliver on both internal and HCP value with a holistic customer engagement strategy.
  • The next stop on your tech-journey. Develop an investment strategy by distinguishing innovations that are fit-for-purpose based on your systems, not the technology.
  • Empower your field teams from the digitally savvy to the technology-phobe. Best practice from successful training and coaching programmes that enable effective hybrid- engagement.

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