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Insurance customers desire a better mobile app experience

Self-service has become a customer expectation across industries - and insurance is no exception. Today, touchless, frictionless experiences are crucial to provide consumers what they need, when they need it. Luckily, offering digital options, such as developing a mobile app, can be a way to help retain and engage customers. 

For insurance companies, the importance of considering digital channels is compounded by the fact that more than 50% of traffic to customer portals is coming from mobile devices. Many of these portals are not optimised for a smartphone, leading to friction-filled experiences for customers trying to access their account from their mobile device.

At Mobiquity, we specialise in mobile apps. To help our clients get up and running quickly, we have created a series of accelerators to fast-track mobile app development. Regardless of where you start – whether you begin with the basics or develop a highly customised app – we’ll develop your mobile solution with the building blocks you need for a more custom experience down the road.

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Do you have Guidewire?

Insurance companies with Guidewire have the underlying framework to kickstart a mobile application. Mobiquity can help you quickly and easily roll out or revise a mobile app cost effectively. Ready to get started?

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Our proprietary research provides insights into what users want

Mobiquity’s proprietary Friction Report analysis has identified the top features that users want from your mobile app. Our custom research has supported several clients on their journey to developing an app, and helping them improve performance even after launch. Request an insurance industry Friction Report now to find out what users like and dislike about the insurance industry’s most widely-used mobile apps.


Why work with Mobiquity?

We have experience considering all aspects of an insurance company’s strategy and their customers’ journey, ensuring no opportunities are missed in the process to delight their customers and drive business success through meaningful digital solutions.

Our clients include insurance providers like Amica, who wanted to further enhance customer engagement through its web portal and mobile app. We provided a digital roadmap, leading multiple initiatives to help Amica identify new ways to drive engagement, improve customer experience and increase customer acquisition. Those initiatives included the development of Amica’s Alexa skill, the design and build of the Home Check by AmicaTM app, and the creation and management of its customer community panel with over 700 Amica policyholders. 

Learn more about how you can get started on the path to better customer experiences with an optimised mobile app.

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