Cut Costs with Cloud Migration Services

Let us help you migrate your on-premise infrastructure to the cloud to reduce cost, improve flexibility, and guarantee scalability.

Why migrate to
the cloud?

As we emerge from the pandemic and deal with the worldwide economic recession, simply continuing business as usual is no longer a viable strategy. You need to find ways to cut costs without sacrificing the availability of your systems or the security of your data. 

That’s where cloud comes in. Cloud migration services will provide you with the building blocks to achieve long-term sustainable operational cost takeout. Likewise, it offers flexibility and scalability you can’t achieve on-prem.

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Go the “last mile” with serverless

While lift and shift may be the necessary first step, your enterprise will not truly benefit from the cloud simply by moving from your own data center to someone else's. Confidence in cloud platforms continues to grow, and more and more companies are not only moving their data to the cloud, but they are transforming it there as well. 

Scalability, accessibility, and flexibility are core drivers, as is cost-reduction. To enjoy the benefit of cost-takeout, companies need to push through the “last mile” of their modernization process: by refactoring apps in a serverless environment.

Mobiquity has extensive experience implementing serverless environments and refactoring apps, as well as building cloud native. Taking advantage of cloud native tooling to enhance the overall effectiveness of data, and exposing it to a wider user base, whether internal or external, is the focus of many of our customers now. 

We created new cloud migration services to address these specific needs by developing Serverless architectures, Cloud Native tooling, ML infused APIs and API everywhere concepts. Embedding these new technologies or approaches is allowing us to develop frictionless interfaces that provide highly personalized experiences that can scale and perform effortlessly.

How do we make it happen?

Amaze is our proprietary automation tool that moves workloads into the cloud faster than traditional methods.


With Amaze, we can:

  • Reduce cloud migration time - on average up to 50%
  • Reduce total cost of ownership (TCO) and implementation costs up to 60%
  • Minimize errors made through manual processes
  • Leverage automation and AI for improved productivity

We help prioritize the “why” behind your transformation, then guide you through the playbook that drives cloud maturity in your environment. We bring the plan, processes and best practices to ensure your cloud migration and adoption experiences move smoothly ahead and drives the business results you need.

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Case Study

The largest US Government sponsored financial services enterprise wanted to test Amaze before committing to using it in a large-scale migration project.  For this POC, we focused on the migration of two applications with over one million lines of code from WebLogic Application Server to Non-Commercial Application Servers, while still retaining and even improving the availability and fault tolerance performance. The applications  needed to be refactored, then built and  deployed from a high cost  private data center  to a private cloud on OpenShift Container Platform.

With Amaze, we were able to: 

  • Replatform the applications from current WebLogic Application Server to Tomcat App Server.
  • Upgrade the applications (including any client common reusable components) all libraries/frameworks (Struts, Spring, Hibernate etc.) to Java 1.8 compatible versions.
  • Replatform, Build & Deploy all the backend session EJB (Business Services) as independent spring boot macro service applications (with all dependencies) with REST API endpoints on OpenShift container platform.
  • Replatform, Build and Deploy the web front (UI) as independent web application/UI integrated with the macro service REST endpoints on OpenShift container platform. Enabled automated testing and implemented CI/CD for faster release cycle.

The results included: 

  • TCO reduction by 40% due to re-platforming from WebLogic to Tomcat Server 
  • 10% infrastructure Cost Saving due to Containerization
  • Productivity Improvement by 30% due to automation.
  •  Improved time to market by 40% using faster release cycles
  • Enhanced ROI of the applications due to API economy
  • Enabling Digital Roadmap by migrating the common applications and the applications on a common backend API platform which can be integrated with future digital initiatives.
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