Marketing and eCommerce Platforms

Your customers expect a personalized, connected experience with your brand regardless of which channel they choose to visit. Are your marketing programs optimized to deliver with this end goal in mind?

An interactive approach throughout the entire customer journey

Mobiquity's ecommerce consulting services blend design, engineering, and platform knowhow to transform your customer experience and build trust along the way. We combine design thinking and customer data with technology to reinforce your brand promise throughout every touchpoint along the customer journey.

The goal: to create a segment of one that enables unique value for your customers while making the most our of your technology investments. Our diverse ecosystem of capabilities includes the following: 

  • Front-end frameworks
  • Marketing cloud / content management
  • Commerce
  • Search
  • Cross-channel analytics / Dynamic Tag Management
  • Relationship marketing, campaign management
  • Social & collaboration
  • Integration

Connected experiences that transform your business

Our ecommerce consulting services help you optimize the customer journey through enabling connected experiences that deliver relevant content and frictionless transactions regardless of channel, including web, mobile app, chatbot, social media, and whatever comes next. By engaging with us on the design, development, and implementation of your marketing and ecommerce platforms, we can help you focus your message and your digital experience in ways that will ensure you keep your customers delighted and engaged.

The Mobiquity methodology

When you’re ready to improve your marketing and ecommerce tools to provide a better overall experience, Mobiquity can help. Our ecommerce consulting service involves three key steps:

Solutions Management

We offer a comprehensive assessment of your current ecosystem to determine an optimal solution design and setup that will help you achieve your goals. We perform a gap analysis to determine the changes that we’ll need to make in order to move your business from your current infrastructure to a new, optimal one.

Platform Activation

We design and activate platforms focused on delivering optimized, personalized, and customer-centric programs. We do this by working with you on: Digital Marketing, Digital Asset Management, Campaign Management, Analytics, Personalization, Product Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning

Marketing Activation

We help you develop response-focused creative assets; management and governance of platforms that drive program execution and effectiveness; and optimize your programs through insights-driven research that will improve your programs.

Digital marketing
platform expertise

Our experts have deep understanding with numerous digital marketing platforms. We then combine our platform expertise with user experience platforms to meet top-level goals, such as a UX strategy, visual design, content strategy, and wireframes.

Adobe Marketing Cloud

Our Adobe practitioners are specialized in Experience Manager, Analytics, Target, Campaign and Audience Manager. Our teams have extensive experience in some of the most complex implementations, and can support your Adobe Marketing Cloud transformation.


Silver level Sitecore partners, we have experience across multiple Sitecore versions including 6, 7, 8, 9 and 9.1.

Other platforms we are experienced in include:

Our User Expertise Platforms (UXP) experience

We are skilled in the following user experience platforms:

  • HTML5
  • CSS3
  • jQuery
  • RequireJS
  • Knockout.js
  • Third-party libraries such as Zend Framework 1, Zend Framework 2, Symfony
  • Coding standards PSR-0 (autoloading standard), PSR-1 (basic coding standards), and PSR-2 (coding style guide), PSR-3, PSR-4

Enhance your Marketing and eCommerce offerings

If you’re ready to maximize your marketing investments, let’s chat about your current programs and how to enhance them for better ROI.