Designing Conversational AI

What Is Conversational AI?

The popularity of Conversational Artificial Intelligence(AI) has been growing exponentially in recent years, but what exactly is it? Conversational AI refers to computer programs, like chatbots, that simulate human conversation. It is a way to automate communication so that users get an experience that feels authentic and helpful without the need for a human operator on the other end. A prime example of conversational AI that is currently in popular use is found in digital assistants like Alexa or Siri, which respond to your commands automatically in human language.

The benefit of designing a Conversational AI capability for your brand is that it enables your customers to engage with technology in a much more natural way versus most other digital platforms. Conversational AI can be a great way to address points of friction in your business and delight your customers.

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What Defines Conversational Design Versus other Artificial Intelligence Solutions?

The artificial intelligence umbrella includes a wide range of technologies that imitate human intelligence. In conversational AI, software interacts with people through written or spoken conversation. The following traits make this type of user interface feel conversational:


Memory: In real interpersonal conversations, memory is a given. We expect people to recall what we've told them before and we don't feel listened to when we have to repeat ourselves. Conversational AI mimics real conversation by remembering and using information from previous interactions. Well-designed conversational AI should feel like talking to another human and extend the reach and efficiency of your team.


Contextual Understanding: A bot or assistant, powered by Artificial Intelligence, understands the important why, when, and where of the interaction, providing a dynamic conversation that naturally keeps the user interested in continuing the experience.


Tone: Emotion and personality can be added to conversational AI to match your brand and objectives, resulting in a more natural interaction that reinforces your organization’s goals.


Benefits of Conversational AI for Your Customers


Unlike some other forms of digital innovation, conversations make sense to people with many levels of technological skill and physical ability. For example, unlike social media and ecommerce platforms that see lower adoption with older audiences, 46% of smart speaker owners are over the age of 45. Conversational AI could be a technological gateway to harder to reach targets.

Ease of use

Statement-based dialogue is a natural way of interacting with a business and reduces the needs for searching, clicking and swiping for your customers, making it easier and quicker for them to find what they need.


Conversational AI engages your customers organically through one-on-one interactions that are unique to their needs and can be designed to recognize users and remember past conversations.


While other forms of customer communication, such as web content or email, provide the same static message to all readers, chatbots and voice skills can quickly tailor a conversation to the users unique and specific needs at any point in time.

Scale and duration

Conversational AI often allows for longer periods of higher quality engagement and with a higher number customers than your staff could otherwise maintain.

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Asking the Right Questions
Defining Your Audience

Asking the Right Questions

When you request a conversational AI solution from us, we'll brainstorm to answer some questions with you, such as:

  • Who are your customers? What are their digital habits?
  • What top points of friction affect you, your employees, and your customers?
  • Could a chatbot or voice skill address these issues? 
  • Where are there routine tasks, after-hours requests, or hands-free needs in your business that Conversational AI could address?

Each customer engagement is unique and these are just a sampling of conversation starters we’ll use to get to know your brand and business better. As we talk and approach a digital recommendation for your business, the user will always be at the heart of our mission. Whether our solution is targeting your customers or employees, we’ll always ensure that together we’re solving a business problem, not developing technology for technology’s sake.

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We believe that it takes a team effort to create the digital world's next solutions. Let's work together to find out how we can turn your points of friction into innovation.

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