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Convenience Store Digital Solutions

The COVID-19 pandemic accelerated the use of digital solutions with things like curbside, contactless, and other technologies to keep consumers safe. Today, shoppers continue to embrace these conveniences with reports showing that these technologies are here to stay. 

Mobiquity research found that 60% of consumers agree that when COVID-19 has passed, they will prefer to use a mobile app to reduce the number of things they touch in their daily life.

Convenience stores are in the position to be the biggest benefactors of this digital shift. Utilizing digital technology and improved convenience store app design to make already convenient interactions even more integrated in customer’s lives is an opportunity ripe for the taking. 

Elevating your
convenience store mobile app design

The possibilities to match your mobile app design to your customers' unique needs are endless. Below are ways that we’ve helped our convenience store clients evolve their digital offerings. 

Contactless Payments

The coronavirus has caused a huge surge in the demand for contactless options with everything from picking up groceries to ordering food curbside, and even pumping gas. Enabling touchless payment is a key component to ensuring your customers have a completely contactless experience. Plus, 53% of Mobiquity survey respondents said they’d prefer to use a mobile app to complete payment in a gas station, and 52% said they’d prefer a mobile app to complete payment in a c-store. 

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Curbside Pickup

Whether ordering food, picking up staples, or fueling their vehicles, your consumers are increasingly demanding immediate gratification with less hassle. And companies are racing to meet that expectation through digital innovation. With 41% of consumers saying they are likely to make more frequent trips to a convenience store with curbside pickup in a Mobiquity survey, your c-store has a great opportunity to improve its experience by pairing curbside pickup with a mobile app to drive profits and customer loyalty.

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Contactless Fueling

Even before the outbreak of the coronavirus, gas station pump handles have been known as one of the dirtiest places that consumers regularly touch. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), studies suggest that viruses may persist on surfaces for a few hours or up to several days. And while you may be doing everything you can to combat the spread of germs and transmissible viruses in fuel and convenience spaces by cleaning your facilities more often, it might not be enough assurance for some of your consumers. Contactless fueling can change that.

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Rewards & Loyalty

Loyalty programs have become critical to driving ROI for businesses. Research shows that 47% of consumers reported that if they continuously encounter a poor customer experience, they’ll spend money with a competitor instead, despite having been a faithful customer for years. 86% of loyal customers, on the other hand, will recommend your brand to friends and family. With rewards and loyalty programs becoming much more than gamification, your convenience store needs to optimize its programs now for optimal impact over the long term. 

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Contactless Delivery 

More so than restaurants and other retailers, convenience stores exploring contactless delivery should embrace the opportunity to take back profits and customer loyalty that have been captured by third-party providers such as UberEats, Instacart, GrubHub, and others. Creating your own delivery program enables you to create personalized experiences that provide offers based on known customer data – such as previous purchases – to increase spend and loyalty. Convenience stores in particular also have the advantage of purchasing fuel at-cost, making maintaining a fleet of your own vehicles more profitable. In today’s landscape where consumers expect to place an order and have it delivered in 48 hours, you need to keep up if you want loyal customers that help sustain their business. 

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Friction Report 

As you think about transforming your business and adding digital solutions for a better customer experience, consider looking at the Mobiquity Friction Report. The Friction Report is a proprietary tool that uses AI/ML to analyze thousands of customer reviews on mobile apps, websites, and similar tools to help businesses see what they’re doing well and where they could use some help. The Friction Report can also summarize how these digital touchpoints, such as mobile apps, across an industry are performing.

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We’ve digitally transformed
leading c-stores

Mobiquity has helped top convenience store chains create meaningful digital customer experiences. With each engagement, we start by uncovering what matters to your brand and your customers and work with you to develop a vision. From there we help you develop the building blocks that bring your vision to life and enable differentiation in the market.

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See how we helped Kum & Go launch their Fuel Better contactless fueling experience, Wawa create a rewards and ordering mobile app, and more.

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Thought Leadership Solutions Page

Learn why c-stores are in the best position to win by downloading our Convenience Store Playbook. Plus, explore the trends that will reshape the industry in 2021, and learn about thought leader perspectives. 

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Expertise Solutions Page

Read Mobiquity's features in The Wall Street Journal, Forbes, Convenience Store News, and more to gain insights on how to start thinking abut digitally transforming your business. 

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The bottom line:
convenience stores have a right to win

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the way that consumers behave – and not just in the short term. Predictions around the world suggest that many of the digital experiences created during the pandemic will stick around long after a vaccine is distributed, making the race for stellar digital customer experiences one that many seek to achieve first in this market.

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