COVID-19: Half of older patients prefer digital tools instead of in-person consultations

European and UK research report shows half of 55+ year old UK patients had a better experience with digital tools compared to in-person consultations during COVID-19


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  • Over half (51%) of UK patients found that using digital tools led to quicker access to the doctor
  • Increase in adoption of digital tools in healthcare due to COVID-19: Over half (56%) of GPs in the UK used digital tools for patient consultations
  • High likelihood for technology adoption in the future of healthcare: Over half of UK patients (51%) considering remote consultations in the future after their experience during COVID-19.
  • However, barriers to adoption remain due to privacy concerns among patients and technical issues for doctors
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Mobiquity’s Digital Healthcare Report highlights how the pandemic has provided a huge incentive for change and motivated healthcare providers to adopt digital health solutions. The report shows that an overwhelming majority of European GPs, in the UK, Germany and the Netherlands, adopted digital health solutions during the pandemic.

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