Retail goes digital

Rapid digital adoption, a result of COVID-19, has forever changed the way that consumers interact with retailers. Customers now expect digital tools from their favorite brands, forcing companies to go digital or go home.


Disruption requires innovation, agility and fearlessness

In today’s retail market, traditional supermarkets are struggling.  Not only, do they need to compete with Amazon, but they also face strong competition from grocery delivery startups. They need to understand how to cope with these challenges, so they can stay ahead of the competition.  Or if they are already losing, can they find out why? Are the challengers performing better? Do consumers experience more or less friction in the online grocery shopping journey with traditional retailers? According to our 2021 Grocery Shopping Apps Friction Report, grocery challenger apps are indeed receiving better reviews than supermarkets experiencing less friction in their customer journey.

Other key findings of the study are:

  • 16% higher satisfaction with new challenger apps
  • 2x more bugs cited in traditional supermarkets apps
  • 45% user satisfaction in the UK compared to Belgium and the Netherlands

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In the race to innovate, retail stores are best positioned to win

As consumers set a new bar for convenient experiences, retailers stand in the best position to win, becoming the #1 destination for one-stop shopping and new shopping experiences. To help your retail business move forward in a digital world, we created an eBook for you where we will:

phone (1) Guide you on the journey to realizing your digital potential
eye (2) Walk you through the steps necessary to create a successful vision and plan
person Help you understand what to focus on and how to prioritise your initiatives to delight customers


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Change in your customer experience is on the menu!

Much like the grocery industry, innovation driven by cutting edge technologies has rapidly and significantly transformed the customer engagement and the restaurant business. In our playbook, we explore the whys, how-tos, and expert advice to help your restaurant business reach its full digital potential. Digital transformation can feel overwhelming, but this guide will simplify the process by helping you focus on what to prioritise (and when) to delight your customers while avoiding an overcomplicated, unneeded solution.

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The way to a digital future for an optical retailer 

The client is a global leader in opticals retail with many established brands that help millions of customers every day. In order to fulfill the localized digital customers’ needs, the client partnered with Mobiquity to create a digital platform to improve their overall customer experience.

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